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Shopping in Kashmir

Shopping in Kashmir is a fun-filled experience. Many handicraft products are available for tourists to take back as souvenirs. Significantly enough, each district in Jammu and Kashmir has its shopping knick-knacks. For example, Kashmiri pashminas are considered rare and exquisite and sold at a very high price.

Shawls for Shopping in Kashmir

In their different variations of cotton and wool, Kashmiri shawls are a sure pick. The embroidery is done meticulously and with an eye for detail. It is a much-coveted item, and you would often find one of these hanging in the closet of the rich and famous of India.

The rare Pashmina shawls are expensive but are treated like an heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation due to their exquisite quality. The value of pure Pashminas runs over thousands of rupees.

Carpets for Shopping in Kashmir

When Shopping in Jammu and Kashmir, don't forget to glance through the embroidered carpet depicting scenes from the picturesque landscape of Kashmir. These carpets are made from beaten wool and are an essential product of the Kasida industry in Kashmir. Floral and other geometrical motifs are also designed with great care. Both the pile and smooth carpet have a vast overseas and a booming Indian market.

Paper mache Products for Shopping in Kashmir

Products of papier-mache are also in demand. Egg cups, cigarette boxes, and kum kum boxes can be gifted as souvenirs. High-grade papier-mache which is as smooth as silk, is used by the artisans to shape products like lampshades, bowls, and trays. Intricate paintings of chinar leaves, pine trees, and the landscape of mountains are painted atop the mache with the deft fingers of the artist.

Walnut furniture in Kashmir is a good bet if you have the means to carry it back to your hometown. Due to the soft quality of the wood, engravings can be easily done.


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