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Pune Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Pune

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Pune At a Glance
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Pune Travel Guide

Commonly referred to as Poona, Pune is one of the popular cities in India and forms a significant destination in the state of Maharashtra. The city's history dates back to 847 AD, and it was the first capital of Shivaji. The town is famed as the state's cultural capital and holds several activities based on classical music, theater, spirituality, literature, and sports. From grand palaces to holy shrines, Pune houses numerous attractions.

Why visit Pune?

Pune marks an incredible mélange of years-old tradition, culture, and modernity. The city has all that a traveler seeks for a perfect holiday. The natural beauty and various tourist sites allure a lot of Indian as well as international travelers to Pune. Not to forget the thrilling adventures the city allows you to indulge in, such as jungle trekking, paragliding, camping, rappelling, and lake crossing.

How to reach Pune

Pune, one of the growing metropolises, has excellent access to both communication and transportation. It boasts a well-connected network of roads, railways, and airports that connects the city with the rest of India. Pune has an airport and is well connected to other Indian cities by air. Additionally, Pune's train station has excellent connections to the rest of India. Regular buses are more accessible from surrounding Maharashtrian towns, Bangalore, Surat, and Ahmedabad. 

How to get around?

Pune's most convenient travel options are private taxis, autos, and rented bicycles. They are readily available in the town and make travel convenient. However, the cars and taxis do not charge on meter readings, so fixing the fare in advance is advisable.

Best Time to visit Pune

The most significant time to visit Pune, a vast metropolis in Maharashtra, is from July to February since it is enchanting in both the monsoon and winter seasons. The atmosphere is still pleasant and relaxed. December is a joyous month as the city hosts the renowned Sawai Gandharva Sangeeth Mahotsav, which draws fans of Indian classical music from across the nation. Summers are best avoided, though, as the extreme heat could interfere with your trip plans.

Places To Visit In Pune

The city never fails to keep its visitors entertained with its blend of ancient heritage and contemporary advancements. The beautiful surroundings here prove that nature has also been kind to the land. Pune is where you need to be if you want to unwind or be entertained. The top attractions in Pune are listed below.

  • Western Ghats
  • Shivneri Fort
  • Aga Khan Palace
  • Parvati Hill Temple
  • Rajgad Fort

Things to do in Pune

The mountainous topography and lovely weather imply a beautiful atmosphere and an optimal environment. In addition, many tourists and adventure seekers are drawn to the region's numerous beautiful forts and hiking excursions. The most popular activities in Pune are shopping, sightseeing, hiking, boating, and nature viewing. There are many other activities as well. Additionally, you may go camping, hiking, and participating in many of the city's adventure sports and activities.

Accommodation in Pune

Pune has lodging options for every price range, size, and location. From upscale hotel chains like Sheraton, Taj, Hyatt, and many others, to suburban homestays and service apartments like Icon Bliss by the Bird of Paradise and Smart Stay. As a result, you have many options for spending your leisure or professional outings. These properties and lodging facilities stand out  to the installation of high-end amenities and features, services, and chic rooms.

Where to eat in Pune

Pune has a wide variety of dining alternatives, from street food to elegant restaurants where one may sample various cuisines. It is also well known for its bakery goods. Don't forget to sample Pune's delectable sweets, which include a range of biscuits, pastries, and even cakes.

Shopping In Pune

Pune is a shopper's delight. Pune is a shopping mecca for everything from Paithani sarees, Maharashtrian Naths, Kolhapuri chappals, jewelry, and brassware to inexpensive clothing and accessories. In addition, Bhakarwadi, Mango Barfi, Puran Poli, a variety of Chiwda, and other condiments are available for foodies. These would make beautiful gifts and fantastic souvenirs from this vibrant city.


  • The most crowded and chaotic times of the year in Pune are during the monsoon and winter. Therefore, it is wise to make reservations for lodging in advance to avoid complications at the last minute.
  • Private taxis and cabs are the most practical means of transportation for navigating the city and visiting neighboring tourist attractions. 
  • Carry weather-appropriate clothing because, during the cold and wet seasons, the temperature drops in the evening.
  • For a hassle-free exploration of the city during the rain, bring an umbrella and a raincoat.


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FAQ of Pune Travel Guide

Q: Where is Pune city situated?

Ans: Pune is a popular city which is situated in Maharashtra. It is located at a distance of around 153 km from Mumbai.

Q: What is the importance of Pune?

Ans: Pune is one of the most important places in the History of India. Entire MARATHA Empire was born and flourished in Pune. It was a major centre for trading at the time of British rule and also played a great role in Indian independence movement.

Q: What are the famous places in Pune for shopping?

Ans: There are some famous places which are as below:

  • Fergusson College Road: Famous for clothes at low rates
  • Hong Kong Lane: Famous for accessories
  • Laxmi Road: Famous for clothes & sarees
  • Koregaon Park: Famous for Osho products
  • Fashion Street: Famous for western clothes
  • Clover Centre: Famous for modern & trendy outfits
  • Tulsi Baug: Famous for jewellery buying
Q: How far is Mumbai airport from Pune?

Ans: From Pune, Mumbai airport is around 155 kms. which will take 3.5 hrs. drive approx.