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Imagicaa in Mumbai

Home to three parks: Theme Park, Water Park, and Snow Park with indoor and outdoor rides and themed-attractions, Imagicaa Theme Park in Mumbai is the perfect destination to plan a weekend with friends and family. For young ones to adults, this theme park in Mumbai is going to fill you up with adrenaline. Experience the action-packed indoor and outdoor roller coasters, dine at 8 uniquely themed-restaurants, witness the Grand Imagicaa Parade, and many of India's firsts at Imagicaa Theme Park.

Located near the Mumbai-Pune Highway, Imagicaa is spread over 300 acres of land and offers entertainment, dining, shopping, and accommodation. This is the first and only theme park in India with international standards. Imagicaa houses a floorless roller coaster, Mr. India ride, Humpty Falls, Happy Wheels, Salimgarh and Detective Bow Wow Show are some of the major highlights inside the park.


  • Park - 10:30 AM
  • Rides - 11:00 AM-6:00 PM
  • Rides closes - 6:00 PM
  • Indoor attraction closing time - 4.30 PM
  • Outdoor ride closing time - 6 PM

Ticket Price

  • Theme Park - Starting from INR 1499/person
  • Water Park - Starting from INR 999/person
  • House of Starts - additional tickets from INR 199/person, At Water Park: INR 99 on Wat-a-Wednesday
  • Glowmagica - Introductory price of INR 149/person as an addon to Theme Park and Water Park
  • Eyelusion - Introductory price of INR 149/person
  • Snow Park - Starting from INR 249/person
  • Bumper Cars - INR 100/person as an add-on to Theme Park and Water Park
  • Projecto - INR 115/person

Things to do at Imagicaa

Imagicaa in Mumbai has 100+ attractions, themed shows, and indoor & outdoor attractions offering something for all ages and interests.
Some of the best things to do at Imagicaa are -

  • Get on India’s biggest, largest, and fastest roller coaster - Nitro.
  • See the beauty of India at ‘I for India’, which offers an elevated widescreen show featuring helicopter perspectives.
  • Have your head spinning on India’s only indoor high-speed dark roller coaster - Deep Space.
  • Enjoy Mr. India –The Ride, the only Bollywood Movie Integrated Simulator Ride in India.
  • Experience India’s longest flume ride - Rajasaurus River Adventure.
  • Witness the biggest and largest Character Parade in India - Grand Imagicaa Parade.
  • Wrath of The Gods
  • Watch Special Effects & Multimedia - India’s only blend of Live Theatre.

Age Group Required for Imagicaa

Age group required for Imagicaa include pre-schoolers/junior child - 3 to 5 years, and guests between 5 to 12 years, 12 to 60 years, and 60 above years.

Places to stay at or near Imagicaa

Imagicaa in Mumbai offers a one-of-a-kind resort with premium facilities and is located next to this exciting amusement park. If not, here are some places to stay near Imagicaa -

  • The Dukes Retreat (9.5 km from Imagicaa)
  • Zara’s Resort (9.2 km from Imagicaa)
  • Rariyas Resort Lonavala (11.7 km from Imagicaa)

Drinks & Dining at Imagicaa

Imagicaa offers drinks and dining options with a wide range of buffet restaurants, food courts, diners, and cocktail bars with a variety of cuisines and palettes. Pure vegetarian courts with North and South India, Mexican, Pan-Asian, Italian, and a separate kitchen for Jain meals are available. There are 8 Unique themed restaurants, 13 Food kiosks, 3 Bars, and 2300 Covers. Armada, Red Bonnet American Diner, Roberto’s Food Court, The Imgagicaa Capital, Zeze Bar+Grill, Ammos, and Sunbeatz are some of the most popular places to eat at Imagicaa in Mumbai.

Rides Restrictions at Imagicaa

Here are the ride restrictions at Imagicaa. Follow them to avoid any mishappenings.

Note - Pregnant women are not allowed to go on rides.

  • Boomeranggo - min. 48" height max 110 kg two riders at a time
  • Floatsa - open for all
  • Diddie Pond - min. 36" and max 54" height
  • Loopy Woopy - min. 48" height min 45 kg and max 136 kg one rider at a time
  • puddle town - open for all
  • Raftaastic! - min. 48" height min 30 kg and max 120 kg three riders at a time
  • Rain Dance - open for all
  • Soakerz - min. 42" height one rider at a time
  • Splash - min. 42" height one rider at a time
  • Swirl Whirl - min. 48" height min 40 kg and max 100 kg four riders at a time
  • The Screamer - min. 48" height min 40 kg and max 136 kg
  • The Pirate Bay - min. 42" height
  • Twisty Turvy - min. 48" height min 50 kg and max 120 kg two riders at a time
  • Wacky Waves - open for all
  • Yell-o - min. 48" height one rider at a time
  • Zip Zap Zoom - min. 42" height max 136 kg six riders at a time
  • Zoobaloo - open for all

How to Reach Imagicaa

Reach Imagicaa in Mumbai by flight, bus, car, or train. It is located approx. 90 minutes away by drive from Mumbai and Pune, and 20 minutes by drive from Lonavala and Khopoli. You can also reach the nearest airports are Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai and Pune, and travel to Imagicaa. Karjat and Khopoli are the nearest railway stations.

Best time to visit Imagica

Imagicaa can be visited all year round but the best time to visit is winter. The weather is pleasant, which is perfect to get on rides and enjoy shows for an unforgettable experience.

Other Nearby Tourist Places to Imagicaa

Some of the best places to visit near Imagicaa are Narayani Dham Temple, Della Adventure, Bhaja Caves, Lion’s Point, Lonavala Lake, Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum, Korigad Fort, Tiger’s Leap, and Mahad Ganpati Temple.

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