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Aksa Beach Mumbai

Aksa Beach is a sandy beach off the usual route dotted with cottages, resorts, and coconut trees on one side and INS Hamla on the other. Most of the time, young people from Mumbai visit this beach for a weekend break. But the rest of the time, not many people go there. Street food vendors selling roasted peanuts and other regional foods may also be seen in this area.

Aksa beach is one of the popular leisure spots for those who visit Mumbai frequently. The beach is situated around 27 km from the central city and is one of those places where you can sit, relax, and adore the serenity and scenic beauty. It is a great weekend picnic spot and is popular among locals and tourists.

Aksa Beach Timings and Entry Fee

Aksa Beach is open every day of the year. Additionally, there is no entrance cost to take in the scenery or stroll along the shore. So grab your shades and enjoy a day tanning at Aksa Beach.

Time to explore Aksa Beach

It would be reasonable to allow 1-2 hours to stroll around Aksa Beach and the surrounding area. Then, you can stay longer if you want to take more pictures or dine on regional cuisine at the nearby eateries.

Best Time to Visit Aksa Beach

Due to the high humidity and temperature during the summer, you can't spend much time at the beach. Additionally, going to Aksa Beach during the rainy season can be risky. Quicksand and strong currents are notorious for the beach, especially during the monsoon season. Consequently, October through March are the ideal months to visit the beach. Plan your visit for one of the weekdays because it gets crowded with residents on the weekends. It would be preferable to explore the beach on a quiet evening.

Places to visit near Aksa Beach

  • Essel World
  • Water Kingdom
  • Global Vipassana Pagoda
  • Kanheri Caves
  • Chhota Kashmir Park

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