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Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai

The Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai is marked as one of the Seven Wonders of Maharashtra by the state’s government. This meditation hall was inaugurated in February 2009 by the then-President of India, Pratibha Patil. Large crystals are used on the pagoda’s pinnacle, and the spire is covered with real gold and has a unique Burmese ornamental umbrella on top. The rest of the pagoda is gold painted.

This symbol of peace is built in remembrance of Lord Buddha and his teachings, which innumerable devotees follow. This pagoda bears a resemblance to the Shwedagon Pagoda of Myanmar. It is created by blending the aspects of modern technology and ancient India to make it last at least a thousand years.

Global Vipassana Pagoda History

Shree S. N. Goenka, a famous Vipassana meditation teacher, suggested the vision of the Global Vipassana Pagoda in Mumbai to spread awareness about Dharma—the teachings of Buddha. The idea was to instill those actual teachings in people’s minds and improve their way of living.

He felt it was necessary to restore harmony and peace in the world.

The planning commenced in 1997, but the construction of this Global Pagoda Vipassana center started only in 2000. And the first of the three domes, the largest one, was completed in 2006. The bone relics of Gautam Buddha have been kept here since then.

The two smaller domes were constructed in 2008, and this Global Pagoda temple was opened to tourists and devotees in 2009.

Shree Goenka believed that the pagoda would help spread the meaning of Dhamma while also making people aware of the Vipassana meditation technique. He received the Padma Bhushan award for his work later, in 2012.

Things to do at Global Vipassana Pagoda

  • Meditating in the complex
  • Taking Vipassana courses
  • Admiring the architecture
  • Learning about Gautam Buddha and Vipassana
  • Exploring other structures in the complex

Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai Timings and Entry Fee

Visitor hours for the Global Vipassana Pagoda are from 9 AM to 7 PM, and the site is accessible daily. However, keep in mind that no further guests are permitted after 6.30 PM. There is no entrance fee to the pagoda. However, donations of any amount are welcome.

The tour guides at Global Vipassana Pagoda are also available to you without charge.

Best Time to visit Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai

Although Global Pagoda is open all year round, it is recommended to travel there in the winter, specifically from November to February. You can comfortably explore the space because of the comfortable temperature. Between July and September, when the monsoon season is in effect, and the temperature is low, you can also visit the Global Vipassana Pagoda. However, sporadic downpours can ruin your plans.

Also, try to go there early or late at night. The daytime heat can make many people uncomfortable.

How to reach Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai?

Ferries, road, and rail transportation are all ways to get to the Global Vipassana Pagoda at Gorai Beach in Mumbai. In addition, a sizable local train network connects the entire city of Mumbai. Borivali is the closest train station to the Global Vipassana Pagoda.

You can board a bus or call a cab or auto to Gorai Stream after getting off the train. You can next take a ferry over to the Global Vipassana Pagoda. Finally, take a ferry that will take you to the Essel World jetty, which is the one closest to the pagoda. There are also frequently scheduled boats from Marve to the Essel World jetty.

What do you get at Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai?

Inside the pagoda is a hollow space of 6000 m that serves as a meditation hall. This area accommodates about 8,000 disciples who practice Vipassana meditation under the guidance of S.N. Goenka. Besides the meditation hall, the Global Vipassana Pagoda consists of a museum, an underground parkade, an administration building, a library, a study room, smaller pagodas, and a pagoda dome with a relic of Lord Buddha. 

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