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Sunauli Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Sunauli

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Sunauli At a Glance
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Sunauli Travel Guide

Sunauli is a small but busy town on the India-Nepal border and the most popular place for overland crossing between the two countries. It is a stop gap for every tourist who wants to visit Nepal from India. It is the small town which has claimed to fame because of its accessibility to the Nepal border. Tours to Sunauli is must if you want to break free from the hum drum of the busy town.

Sunauli has an estimated population of 70076. Sunauli tours are not about a pleasurable and lingering tour. It is a significant border crossing point where one can avail few services and which features negligible Sunauli attractions.

During your Sunauli tours have your paperwork ready at hand as Nepal visas are available on arrival at the immigration office. Buses arrive from many points in Nepal including Pokhara, Chitwan, Kathmandu, and Bhairawaha Sunauli tours will take you to the sacred place of Lumbini which is the birth place of Buddha and one can find Lumbini-bound bus at the bus depot.

While tours to Sunauli you will see that the Nepal bound buses do not cross the border of Nepal. Once you cross the border on foot you will need to find buses on the other side. Buses depart on both sides usually twice a day - dusk and dawn depending upon the circumstances.

The closest major train station and airport is Gorakhpur. Buses stop there on their way from Varanasi. Sunauli tours will be easy to reach from the above these two places. There is only one main road to the town and what little there is within a few minutes walk of the border.

Accommodation is bit difficult to find during tours to Sunauli. Most of the accommodation in town is geared towards catering to the truck drivers, not the nicest places and not recommended for women traveling alone. The place runs a government hotel for pilgrims. Some large white building on the main road provides necessary accommodation with modern rooms with bathrooms, TVs, and A/C.

Tours to Sunauli are preferred by businessmen who always are on look out for lucrative gains at the cross border junction. Sometimes young couples visit this place and spend some peaceful moments and proceed for Nepal. Young enthusiastic boys and girls love to explore the natural attractions of the place. Visit to this place is necessary if you want to visit Nepal and get fascinated by its exotic beauty.

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