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Darjeeling Ropeway

Darjeeling Ropeway was started back in 1968, and it was India's first cable car system. This cable car was built to enjoy the views of the valley, which was otherwise not easily accessible. It started with just one cable car and was later upgraded to 16 cable cars with a capacity of six persons. Presently, 12 gondolas are in operation.

You can enjoy the panoramic views of the town on Darjeeling Ropeway. It is also known as Rangeet Valley Passenger Cable Car due to the valley around Little Rangeet River. Undoubtedly, enjoying a ride with this ropeway is one of the best things to do in Darjeeling.

You can start the ride by cable car Darjeeling from Singamari approximately. 3 km from Darjeeling Chowk Bazaar. Getting the tickets at the counter takes a lot of time, so get there as early as possible. Then, board the 45-minute-long cable car, which takes you to a height of 7,000 feet and downhill to about 6,000 at Tukvar.

This cable car ride only goes up to Tukvar and returns to the Singamari base station in Darjeeling. You can sit and enjoy the views once you get off the Tukvar station. But, for your return, you have to board another cable car, and if you want to go immediately, don't get off and come back in the same gondola.

What to Know Before You Go Cable Car Ride in Darjeeling

The cable car does not have fixed timing, so you can get off at lower stations and enjoy these activities -

  • Enjoy the panoramic views of the valley's lush green tea gardens on the hill slopes.
  • Witness serene rivers Rangeet and Ramman flowing along with forests and waterfalls.
  • Soak in the beauty of the Eastern Himalayan Mountains and snow-clad peaks of Kanchenjunga.
  • Enjoy a visit to Tea Estates and learn how tea is processed after being plucked from the tea gardens.
  • Take a small trek through beautiful gardens and look at the local women plucking tea.
  • Enjoy snacks at the kiosk counter of the stations.
  • Sit, relax, and enjoy the scenic views.

Return board the cable car before the ropeway operations close for the day.

Tips for Darjeeling Ropeway

  • Every month on the 19th, the ropeway is closed for maintenance.
  • Though the cable car ride duration is 45 minutes, you must stand in a long queue at the ticket counter, which usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. It is advised to go early to avoid standing in long lines.

Timings of the Darjeeling Ropeway

  • In winter and monsoon, timings are from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • In the summer, it changes from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Note: Ticket counters get closed during the peak season to clear off the long queues. Thus, you must go there as early as possible.

Tickets for Darjeeling Ropeway

  • Adults - INR 200 per person (5 km round trip)
  • Children (between 3 and 8 years) – INR 100

How to Reach Darjeeling Ropeway Location

Hire a shared jeep or a cab from Chowk Bazar to Singamari, where the cable car station is located. It will take you approx. 15 min to get there, unless there is a lot of traffic. Get off at the North Point on Lebong Cart Road at St. Joseph's College, opposite which you will have stairs leading up to the cable car station.

Contact our tour experts for more details about this cable car ride in Darjeeling. You can also book an adventure Darjeeling tour package to enjoy a ride on the ropeway.

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