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Japanese Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda is a well-known Buddhist temple and monastery which is set in the beautiful town, Darjeeling. The temple was built under the supervision of Nichidatsu Fujii who was a Buddhist monk from Japan and who also advocated the Nipponzan-Myo-ho-ji Buddhist Order. This revered place is considered a symbol of religion and peace.

This Buddhist temple features traditional Japanese architectural style. The temple houses four shining and gold-polished statues of Buddha. Also, the walls of the temple have eight sandstone carvings which depict different stories from the different stages of Gautama Buddha’s life.

Peace Pagoda is known for its tranquility. The tranquility which the place offers is truly unmatched and is something which each an individual should experience once in a lifetime. It is a place where one can spend the entire day in peace and listen to chanting of the monks where they are reciting the peace mantra ‘nam myoho renge kyo’.

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