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Mirik Lake in Darjeeling

 Mirik Lake in Darjeeling is one of the beautiful attractions that will take your breath away. From its picturesque natural surroundings to the pleasant climate, each thing will give you a beautiful reason to spend some time here. This lake is also known as Sumendu Lake, and the area around its pristine waters is covered with pine trees and lush green gardens. The aching footbridge over the lake is adjoining the two also known as Rainbow Bridge.

One of the things to do while visiting the beautiful Mirik Lake is boating. The fascinating lake offers a chance to row along the 1.25 km long stretch. Besides, tourists can also try fishing in the quiet and tranquil atmosphere. Horse riding and long walks are highlighted as the lake is centered between the raw natural terrains. Blessed with a view of the mesmerizing Kanchenjunga Peak in the front, the famous Mirik Lake is just a couple of hours away while traveling from Siliguri to Darjeeling.

Location: Near Rang Mahal Auditorium, Mirik Town, Darjeeling, West Bengal 

Timing: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Time Required: 1-2 hours 

Things to do at Mirik Lake 


It is a fun-filled activity that lets you admire the lake's scenic beauty. The greenery, view, and transport are so soothing that you must stay longer. Paddle Boating in Mirik Lake is one of the most popular things to do at Darjeeling Lake. While boating in this lake, you can capture the beautiful sights. 

Strolling Around the Lake 

Walking alongside the trail is another best thing to do at Mirik Lake. Morning time is considered the best as you can behold the majestic view of Kanchenjunga Peak. You can walk on an arched footbridge on this lake's west side.

Horse Riding 

Horse riding is a popular activity among children and a favourite for tourists to get a unique travel experience. You will get the horses at the western bank of this lake. Enjoying horse riding at Darjeeling Mirik Lake is one of the fun-filled activities.

Fish Feeding 

You will find a spot to feed fish on the lake's southern end. You will find a bridge that links to Krishnanagar. It is around a 5-minute walk from this famous Darjeeling lake. You can stand over the bridge and see numerous fishes. Nearby shops of bread slices are there where you can purchase this food for fish. 

Shopping from Floating Market 

Lakeside Floating Market is where you can enjoy a unique shopping experience. This floating market is open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. You can buy handmade products that reflect the culture and take them as souvenirs and decorative items. Tibetan Carpets, Knitted sweaters, clothes, baskets, Darjeeling Tea and many more are popular items to buy from this floating market. 

Popular Places To Visit Near Mirik Lake 

Mirik Lake Darjeeling is located at the heart of Mirik Town and is surrounded by several tourist attractions. You can explore them to uplift your travel experience and craft unforgettable memories. These nearby tourist attractions are a mix-up of fun, thrill, serenity, views, and experiences. So, check out the list below and include them on your bucket list to get the best of your trip. 

  • Views Points
  • Devasthan Temple
  • Swiss Cottages & Helipad
  • Orchid Nursery
  • Tea Garden Viewpoint
  • Orange Orchard
  • Bokar Monastery
  • Rangmahal 

Best Time to Visit Mirik Lake 

You can visit Mirik Lake throughout the year as it offers full bloom in all the seasons. From climate conditions to temperature, everything is suitable for you while visiting this lake. However, Summer, Autumn, and Spring are the most preferable seasons to plan your visit to Mirik Lake. March to April and October to November are peak times to enjoy your visit here and explore the surroundings.  

How to Reach Mirik Lake 

This lake is one of the beautiful tourist attractions and is widely popular among locals and tourists. It is located in the center of Mirik Town, in Darjeeling district. After reaching Mirik Town, you can hire a taxi, minibus, or cab to reach this lake. It is around 3 km from the town's center and surely deserves a chance on your go to list while traveling to Darjeeling.

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