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Tourist Attractions in Idukki

Idukki is one of Kerala's most beautiful hill towns and the proud home of Anamudi, South India's tallest peak, which rises to a height of 2,695 meters. This place draws tourists from all over the world for its wildlife sanctuaries, hill stations, spice plantation hubs, and mountain hikes because it has 13 more peaks that are higher than 2000 meters. Include these captivating Idukki tourist destinations in your itinerary if you want to enjoy the best of all these natural wonders because they will give your trip to Kerala the much-needed charm.

Idukki Tourist Places List

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the top tourist destinations in Idukki is the 70 sq. km. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary, which is home to several animal species, is located between the Cheruthoni and Periyar rivers at an elevation of between 450 and 748 meters. The sanctuary is surrounded by a lake, and the area is entirely covered in tropical and evergreen trees.

Calvary Mount

The Kalvari Mount is a must-see and one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Idukki among the many well-liked tourist destinations. Your trip to Idukki would be completely incomplete without stopping at the Calvary Mount Viewpoint, which offers captivating views of the stunning environment that runs from the Idukki Reservoir to the well-known Ayyappancoil. This location is surrounded by lovely homestays in Idukki that provide the ideal getaway.


Discovering the charming hill resort of Painavu is a must-do activity for all tourists when it comes to Idukki sightseeing. Painavu, the administrative center of the Idukki district, is a well-known tourist destination in Idukki. Painavu, perched at a height of 3,900 feet and located inside the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, is regarded as a fantastic trekking location.


Ramakkalmedu is probably one of the most prominent tourist sites in Idukki. It is surrounded by lush hills and is known for its trekking paths. The highest point in this region is the vantage point atop the hill, which is accessible after a short hike of 3 to 4 kilometers from Ramakkalmedu Junction. One of the top destinations in Idukki is this.

Keezharkuthu Falls

The cascading Keezharkuthu Waterfalls, also known as the Rainbow Waterfalls, cascade down from a height of more than 1500 meters and provide fantastical views. It's a well-known tourist destination in Idukki and a great location for mountaineering and rock climbing. One of the top destinations in Idukki is this.

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