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Shopping in Varanasi

When on a tour to Varanasi, do make it a point to keep some time reserved for shopping. No one can afford to leave Varanasi without picking one or two of the lovely Benarasi saris that Varanasi is so famous for. Offering knick knacks of every sort, the Shops in Varanasi are unique in their own ways. Therefore, Shopping in Varanasi Uttar Pradesh is indeed an invigorating experience.

The emporia and the souvenir shops are Government accredited so you may feel safe while shopping at these places. Varanasi had been, from time immemorial, a center for a vast reserve of commercial goods. The Varanasi Sarees are of special interest for the Indians as well as for the foreigners. Indians, mainly women has a special interest in Varanasi Sarees.

When on a Shopping Spree, any woman will find it difficult to resist picking up several pieces of these gorgeous saris with their beautiful zari borders. Silk weaving, which is one of the most popular arts in Varanasi, is indeed a thing that attracts many. Manufacturing silk saris is therefore one of the most popular handicrafts in Varanasi. You must purchase these traditional saris which have gold and silver brocade when Shopping in Varanasi.

At Varanasi the musical instruments are a special attraction. When Shopping in Varanasi, drop in to the State Government run Shopping Complexes. They are Chowk, Gyan Vapi, Vishwanath Gali, Thatheri Bazar, Lahurabir, Godoulia or Dashswamedh Gali and Golghar.

One can also buy the beautiful shawls, with brocaded fabrics, carpets, wall hangings, bangles, stone inlay work, glass beads, masks of Hindu and Buddhist deities and lampshades. The kamandalam or the brass pot of Varanasi is famous throughout the world and people visiting Varanasi cannot neglect the charm of the beautiful pot. Bottled Ganga Jal or jerry cans can also be bought from the river banks for use during religious purposes.

Items that have been carved in stone is of special significance in Varanasi. Stone carved statues of gods and goddesses and chisel carved objets d'art from stone like Candle stands, ashtrays, jewelry boxes are of special interest over here. The replicas of Taj Mahal are a special attraction over here.

When strolling through the Bazaars in Varanasi, you might feel tired after a point of time and then make sure to taste the langda mangoes that are sold in many of the stalls in Benaras. They taste superb and are also very refreshing.

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