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Kapilavastu Travel Guide

Tours to Kapilavastu will take to the venerated pilgrimage site for the followers of Buddhism. Located not far away from Lumbini, Kapilavastu is the place where Siddhartha was born and subsequently spent a considerable part of his early life. Kapilavastu is no more called by that name. It has been renamed as Piprahwa. is your one-stop search for all you needed to know about tours to Kapilavastu.

One of the primary archaeological sites, Kapilavastu has lured many who are interested in the life of Buddha and Buddhism. Kapilavastu was once a prosperous town. At present it is a poor shadow of what it once was.

On your Kapilavastu tours you get to visit those sites that are integrally related to the formative years of Lord Buddha's life. The history buffs and those who are interested in archaeology must embark on tours to Kapilavastu. Archaeological Survey of India has conducted excavation work at this site between the 1971 and 1977. The excavation work was not a smooth process. A number of impediments and financial constraints had to be overcome. The archaeologists have unearthed as many as fourteen different layers bearing testimony to fourteen human habitations. The oldest among this layer can be traced back to the 8th century. The excavations have unearthed an Eastern Stupa where the inscriptions date back to the Kushana period.

During your Kapilavastu travel, you will also stumble upon two excavated mounds. Out of these two mounds, the larger one contains a structure surrounded by thick walls. The locals believe that it was once the palace of Suddhodhana. There are a number of stupas that lay scattered around the place. Some date back to the reign of Ashoka while the others belong to the reign of the Gupta kings. The relics of Lord Buddha found here are of immense historical and religious importance.

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