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Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh

The most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh has the most interesting recipes of the country in its kitty. The state capital, Lucknow (erstwhile Awadh), in particular is the favorite haunt of the gastronomes as Uttar Pradesh inherited the magic secrets of the Nawabi cuisines. Uttar Pradesh cuisines will give you a satisfying experience. provides you with all the needful inputs on the cuisine of Uttar Pradesh.

Exceptional feature of Awadhi tradition of cooking is the 'Dum Pukht' process of preparing food. In this exclusive style, food is sealed in large pots called handi and placed over slow fire, allowing the ingredients to be cooked in their own juices under the strict supervision of specialist experts known as bawarchis (cooks). It takes about three days to prepare the meal in a traditional manner. Bewitching aroma emanates on opening the lid of the handis. Finesse is also obvious in the blending of the various spices in Avadhi cuisine. 'Dastarkhwan', the ceremonial tradition of laying food on the table and a celebrated tradition of nawabs transcends the traditional cuisine into a fine-art.

Majority Uttar Pradesh cuisine comprise of simple and sober vegetarian meals. With dal, roti, subzi and rice constituting the essentials of daily food habits of the locals. Pooris and kachoris are relished on special occasions.

Food of Uttar Pradesh can be divided in to 3 distinct zones namely Western UP, Oudh and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The most famous cuisines in Oudh are Kabobs, Biryani and Nihari. This is because of the Muslim dominance and influence on the culture and cuisine of this region, you will find that most of the items chiefly concentrate of meat. Among the kabobs Shami and Galawati kabobs are the specialty of Lucknow and so are Kulcha-Nihari and Biryani. The Kanpur region is famous for Kakori and Boti kabobs. The most famous vegetarian dishes which will make your taste buds crave for more is the Tahri and Nargishi kofta. While the former is cooked with rice and lentils, the later has a rich dose of cheese, Khoya and saffron.

In the western Uttar Pradesh or Rampur region the most famous delicacies which tourists love to savor upon are Rampuri Rohu and Zamindoz; both items of fish. The kabobs that are famous in Rampur region are Pasanda Kabob and Shab Deg. The most well-known vegetarian dish of this region is Paneer Pasanda.

In the eastern Uttar Pradesh Tahri and Reshmi kabobs are every body's demand. Besides, Murg Musallam is another preferred dish of this region. Among the sweets, Mathura and Agra will pamper you to the fullest! The Khurchan and Peda are some of the special sweet items in Mathura region. Petha in nearby Agra is very popular all over India. The Shahi Tukda of Oudh region is very popular too. Among the drinks Lassi and Ruh-afza are the most favored one in Uttar Pradesh. Sipping the famous lassi will give you a refreshing feeling. And while tours to Uttar Pradesh you do without the Paan of Benaras. Banarsi Paan is famous all over India for its taste and ingredients, which at times touch 50 in counts.

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