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Desert National Park

Location: Rajasthan

Main Wildlife Attractions: Indian Bustard ,Desert Fox, Bengal Fox, Desert Cat, Wolf, Hedgehog, Blackbuck

Coverage Area: 3162 sq.kms.

Established: 1992

Best Time to Visit:Between November and January

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Sand dunes constitute around 20% of the park. The major landforms consist of craggy rugged rocks and compact salt lake bottoms with intermediate areas and fixed dunes. To think that even the Thar Desert can support a National Park, speaks a ton about the effort that has been put in to eco tourism and preservation in the desert region of Rajasthan. The Desert National Park spreads across an area of 3162 km.

How to reach Desert National Park

By Air

the nearest airport is at Jodhpur which is connected to other cities in Rajasthan.

By Rail

the nearest railhead is at Jaisalmer which is connected toother places in Rajasthan.

By Road

the nearest major city is Jaisalmer. Bus and taxix are available.

  • Location: 42 K.M. from Jaisalmer
  • Best time to visit : October to February
  • Activities: Jeep safari, Camping, Bonfire and bird watching

The Desert National Park is located in the Thar Desert in south-west Rajasthan. It is 42 km southwest of Jaisalmer, 317 km northwest of Jodhpur and 689 km west of Jaipur. The park acquires an area of 3,162 sq km which constitute of sand dunes, rough rocks and compact salt lake bottom areas covered with sand. Desert National Park is considered as the paradise for bird lovers as they can watch a wide variety of birds.

Wildlife attractions Desert National Park

The Desert National Park owns a large variety of birds which include the Great Indian Bustard (choriotis and nigriceps) and a large bird with a height of 1.2m. Some of the Wildlife attractions spotted in the park are- eagles (short- toed eagles, tawny eagles and spotted eagles), harriers, falcons, buzzards, kestrel and vultures. It is difficult to sustain life in deserts; therefore plant life here lives on the edge. Tourists can indulge in various kinds of outdoor activities like jeep safari, bird watching, camping and bonfire. The most suitable method to explore the Desert National Park is jeep safari.

When to Visit Desert National Park

Best time to visit this National Park is from October to February when the weather is quite pleasant with maximum temperature of 20 degree Celsius . The Desert National Park is easily accessible from all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.
The Nearest airport to this place is Jodhpur, 322 kms away and the nearest train station is Jaisalmer Railway station, 42 km away. There are frequent bus services to Jaisalmer which are available from major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai and Pune.

Accommodation Facilities Desert National Park

Jaisalmer is a major tourist destination and has quite a few hotels, resorts and other forms of lodging facilities.