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Mahaveer Harina Vanathali National Park

Location: Andhra Pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Common Hawk Cuckoo,White-naped Woodpecker , Fan-throated Lizard,Orange Blister Beetle

Coverage Area: 14.59 sq.kms

Established: 1975

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The natural vegetation and fauna of the national park attracts tourists to visit the haven of wild animals. The park is established in the year 1975, in the commemoration of the 2500th birth anniversary of ‘Lord Mahavira’.

Mahaveer Harina Vanathali National Park was a private hunting ground for the former rulers of Hyderabad. The ‘deer park’ is set up to preserve the heritage and make a rehabilitation center for the animals. The national park is now an important tourist destination where the tourists can locate various animals and birds. There are birds like Partridge, Quails, Peacocks, Doves, kites and Vultures.

The national park is the also the homeland for animals like Monitor lizards, Mongooses, Porcupines, Snakes and Horses. The floras like Neem, Butea, Bauhinias, Accacias and many thorny shrubs increase the richness of vegetation of the national park.

The national park has the facility for audio-visual sessions, the bird watching, the nature walk and the jungle safaris will surely give the tourists to spot the animals in their respective habitats. The exhibition hall displays various items of the wild life conservation.

The guest houses near the national park give the tourists to enjoy the adventure and the excitement of the jungle and the wild animals. Being located in the outskirt of Hyderabad, the park is well networked by road as well as rail route. Visitors are allowed to enter the park and enjoy the pure ambience where birds fill up the place with their chirping and colors. There are scopes for safari rides from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm and the national park remains open from 9 am and 5.30 pm.

In the jungle safari rides tourists can easily go in the interiors in the kingdom of animals, reptiles and birds where safe distance is maintained. Causing any harm to the wild animals is criminal offence.