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Vansda National Park

Location: Gujarat

Main Wildlife Attractions: Leopards, four-horned antelope,barking deer, giant squirrel,hyena

Coverage Area: 24 sq.kms.

Established: 1979

Best Time to Visit:October and May

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It deserves to be a part of your tour itinerary when you visit Gujarat.The Vansda Wildlife Reserve comprises an area of about 24 sq km. It is not very large but the forests are very dense. At places the vegetative cover is so thick that sunlight does not even penetrate through them and they remain engulfed in darkness throughout the day. Heavy rainfall contributes to this kind of a moist deciduous and dry deciduous type forest cover. Tall teak trees, mango groves, gigantic creepers and bamboo thickets are a part of the Flora of Vansda National Park in Gujarat.

How to reach Vansda National Park

By Air

Nearest Airport is at Surat at a distance of about 120 km

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is at Waghai, just 4 km away.
More number of trains is available from the rail head Billimora which is at a distance of about 40 km.

By Road

Nearest Bus Stop is at Waghai, about 4 km from the park.
National Highway 8 is in the vicinity of the park and the Waghai- Vansda State highway dissects it.

Many mammals like the Leopards, four-horned antelope, pangolin, rusty-spotted cats, jungle cat, civets, mongooses, macaques, barking deer, giant squirrel and hyena have made the Vansda National Park their home. You can sight them within the premises of this National Park. Many reptiles including 30 species of snake and the gigantic python are also to be seen in the Vansda National Park. The rare giant wood spider along with 121 other species of spiders is a part of the diverse Fauna of Vansda National Park, Gujarat.

The Vansda National Park is a haven for all bird lovers too. Great black woodpecker, Malabar trogon, shama, emerald dove, grey hornbill, racket-tailed drongo, paradise flycatcher, leaf birds, thrushes, sunbirds, pea fowls are some of the beautiful feathered creatures whose chirrup and clamor reverberates in the air of the Vansda National Park, Gujarat.

Nestled in the Sahyadri range of mountains, the Vansda National Park, Gujarat has a very scenic landscape. Small hills, lovely valleys, rippling streams render it a very beautiful look. The Ambika River flows through the Vansda Wildlife Reserve . It abounds in colorful orchids that are simply a treat to the eye. No less delightful to watch are the myriad colored butterflies of diverse species.

A trip to the Vansda National Park, Gujarat has the attributes of a memorable outing. The ideal time to visit it is in the months between October and May but irrespective of when you plan your tour, the following information may come in handy.

The thrill of exploring the dark dense mysterious forests and witnessing an amazing variety of flora and fauna is simply inexplicable. It is an experience which excites not just the adventurous wildlife lovers but also the common tourists who have come to visit this western state. So make sure to answer the call of the wild the next time you come to Gujarat.