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snow leopard in pin valley national park

Pin Valley National Park

Location: Himachal pradesh

Main Wildlife Attractions: Tibetan Gazelle, Wooly Hare, Snow Leopard,Himalayan Ibex

Coverage Area: 9675 sq.kms.

Established: 1987

Best Time to Visit:July to October

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Spread over an area of 1150 square kilometers and 675 square kilometers as buffer and core zone respectively, Pin Valley National Park, nestled in the rugged Himalayan terrains, is the home to a good number of endangered species.
The park derives its name from the famous Pin River, which is located in the valley. The national park is bestowed with an amazing variety of flora and fauna species. Apart from the other animal species in the park, it is specially known for the conservation of the endangered Snow Leopard.

How to reach Pin Valley National Park

By Air

In order to reach Pin Valley National Park, you are required to visit Kaza. Kaza can be reached either from Manali or from Shimla.
Several private airlines operate regular flights between Manali and Bhuntar Airport. Taxis and buses can be hired from Manali to Kaza.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to Pin Valley National Park is Jogindernagar. The rail-route from Jogindernagar to Chandigarh is a narrow gauge one.
Taxis and buses are available from Shimla and Chandigarh to reach Kaza.

By Road

The 115 kilometers journey from Manali to Kaza will take around 6 hours.
The second option is to take bus from Shimla via Kinnaur to Kaza.

Other rare animals and bird species found here include Himalayan Snow Cock, Golden Eagle, Red Fox, Weasel, Marten, Pika and Raven & Chough. Although it has high altitude and cold weather, the park features around 400 plant species. The cold temperature and high altitude of the area makes it a bit dry with lesser vegetation growth. The summer time also sees a riot of colors covering the valleys. The area around the Pin Valley National Park is largely dominated by the influence of Tibetan culture. There are bunkers constructed by the Forest Department.

What is the best time to visit Pin Valley National Park?

The best time to visit the Pin Valley National Park is between the months of July and October. Between July and October, August is considered to be the most favorable time to visit ‘Pin Valley National Park’, when the temperature is most friendly.

What is Pin Valley National Park known for?

Snow Leopard is the most important mammal in the park. There are around 12 Snow Leopards residing in the park. Besides Snow Leopard, the park is also famous for its Chhumurti horses, an indigenous breed of the horses. The park is also popular with trekkers who come to see the natural beauty and the wildlife of the park.

When was this national park established?

The Pin Valley National Park was established in 1987 and situated in the rugged Himalayan terrains. It is the wild abode of several endangered animal species. The region is also under the strong influence of some famous Buddhist monasteries and Gompas here.

Where is the Pin Valley National Park located?

Pin Valley National Park is situated at a height ranging from 11,500 to 20,000 feet in the Spiti division of the district.

What are the opening and closing timings of the National Park?

The national park remains open throughout the week from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, the park remains closed on the national holidays.

What are the charges inside the National Park?

The entrance inside the national park is totally free.

What species of flora and fauna can be witnessed in the National Park?

Flora at Pin Valley National Park

The area of this national park is dry, and therefore vegetation is not very lush. There are some medicinal plants that grow here. Dry alpine scrub, juniper and birch trees can be spotted in this area. There are around 400 types of plants that can be seen in this park. Flowers can be seen blooming during July and August.

Fauna at Pin Valley National Park

The fauna residing in the Pin Valley National Park is native to the Himalayan region. There are more than 20 species of animals that have been spotted. One of the highlights of this national park is the Snow Leopard. Other animals found in this area include Red Fox, Snow Cock, Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, Raven, Himalayan Chough and Weasel among others.

Are there any other attractions in and around this national park?

The major attractions in and around this national park are Ki Monastery (the monastery is famous for wind instruments, stucco images, rare manuscripts, murals and thangkas. Besides, there is Kaza, the base point for trekking near Pin Valley National Park. Other places include Dhankar, Pin Valley, Kunzum Pass, Langza and Kibber and Mud Village the last village of Himachal Pradesh, situated in the scenic Pin Valley, stands proudly at an impressive altitude of 3700 meters (12,139 ft). This charming hamlet is part of the esteemed Pin Valley, boasting a collection of approximately 40 quaint residences and a handful of guesthouses. Accessible via a well-maintained dirt road, it enjoys connectivity to the surrounding region and the rest of the country. The villagers of Mud Village rely primarily on agriculture, and with the rise of tourism, they have embraced it as an additional source of sustenance.