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Kudremukh National Park

Location: karnataka

Main Wildlife Attractions: tiger, leopard, wild dog, jackal, samba, spotted deer, barking deer, giant flying squirrel

Coverage Area: 600 sq.kms.

Established: 1987

Best Time to Visit:December to February

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How to Reach
If you are looking forward to spend some days in the cool and salubrious Kudremukh National Park you can travel by air or railways to Mangalore and then take the road and cover 130 kms to reach the park. Kudremukh is well connected by road to Chikmagalur, Mangalore and Sringeri.

Best time to visit
The best time to visit the park is after the monsoons when the forest is lush green from October to May. But wildlife enthusiasts would definitely love to visit the national park between December to February since it is the time one can spot wild animals in plenty. It is always wise to avoid the months from June to September as there are heavy showers that can spoil your treks. Flora & Fauna
As you start exploring the Kudremukh National Park you will come across varieties of flora and fauna. Covered with evergreen forests in the coastal plains and grassland in the elevated areas plantations of eucalyptus, casuarinas, acacia auriculiformis and Grevillea robusta are found here. Tea and coffee plantations are also found here. With good guides you can set out early to catch the tiger on its prowl, leaping leopards, jackals and wild dogs on their trail.

You can spot the lion tailed macaque or the sloth bear, gaur, sambar and the spotted bear. Barking deer, Malabar giant squirrel, giant flying squirrel, porcupine and mongoose are also found in the wilderness.

Avian species

Kudremukh National Park has some rare avian species too. Around 195 species are found here and they include rare birds such as Malabar whistling thrush, imperial pigeon, great pied hornbill and Malabar trogon.


For accommodation you can avail the forest rest houses located in the national park while you can also hotels in Kalsa town orSrigeri. Though staying at the Kudremukh National Park would be much more exciting and rejuvenating experience.