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Guindy National Park

Location: Tamil Nadu

Main Wildlife Attractions: blackbuck, chital, spotted deer, jackal, small Indian civet,three-striped palm squirrel.

Coverage Area: 2.7 sq.kms

Established: 1977

Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year

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Guindy National Park, Tamil Nadu, is a popular tourist attraction for all nature and wildlife enthusiasts. The park was given the status of a national park in 1978. It stretches over an area of 2.70 square kilometers and various species of flora and fauna can be found here.

How to reach Guindy National Park

By Air

Located in Chennai, Anna International Airport is connected to many important cities in abroad such as Colombo and Singapore.
Then there is Kamraj Domestic Airport, which is well-connected to all major cities in India.

By Rail

There are 3 railway stations in Chennai- Central, Tambaram and Egmore.
Chennai Central is well-connected to all the major cities in India.

By Road

Chennai is well-connected to different parts in India via road.
Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation and other private buses connect Chennai to all major cities in the state.

What is Guindy National Park known for?
It is  houses endangered wildlife species such as blackbuck and black-naped hare, and several species of bat and rodents.
When was Guindy National Park established?
In the early 1670’s, a garden space was carved out of the Guindy forests and a residence called the Guindy Lodge was built by Governor William Langhorne. A British citizen by the name of Gilbert Roderick’s owned the remaining of the forest area. The original area of 505 was established as Reserve Forest in 1910. In 1977, the forest area came under the supervision of Tamil Nadu Forest Department. In 1978, the forest area was rechristened as the National Park.
Where is Guindy National Park located?
Guindy National Park is located in Chennai, South India. It is an extension of the grounds surrounding Raj Bhavan, formerly known as the ‘Guindy Lodge’. It extends deep inside the governor’s estate, surrounding beautiful forests, scrub lands, lakes & streams.
What is the best time to visit Guindy National Park?
Guindy National Park is opened for the visitors throughout the year.
What are the opening and closing timings of the National Park?
The park remains open from 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM. It remains closed on every Tuesday.

What species of Flora and Fauna can be witnessed inside the Park?


  • Birds: Grey Partridge, Parrot, Paradise Fly Catcher, Honey Buzzard, Crow Pheasant, Black-winged kite, Eagle, Golden-backed Woodpecker, Stone Curlew, Parakeet, Tailor Bird, Pochard and Open-billed Storks.
  • Reptiles: Saw-scaled Viper, Fan-throated Lizard, Star Tortoise, Geckos, Lizards, Chameleons and Indian Monitor Lizard.
  • Mammals: blackbuck, chital, jackal, spotted deer, jackal, small Indian civet, hyena, jackal, bonnet macaque, common mongoose, hedgehog, black-naped hare and three-striped palm squirrel.


The Guindy National Park has a dry evergreen thorn & scrub forest, grasslands and water bodies with more than 350 species of plants including herbs, shrubs, grasses, climbers and over 24 varieties of trees such as Sugar-apple, Wood-apple,Neemand Atlantia Monophylla.  

Are there any other attractions in and around the National Park?

Snake Park: Formerly known as Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Guindy Snake Park is located adjacent to the Guindy National Park. The Snake Park houses some magnificent snakes of India which include pythons, viper, King Cobra, turtles and a huge aquarium with fantastic sea snakes.

Children’s Park: Around 22 acres of the Guindy National Park has been converted into a Children’s Park and play area at the northeast corner of the national park with a collection of animals and birds. The Tyrannosaurus statue standing at the gate is hot favorite with kids.

Can you tell me where I can stay while visiting Guindy National Park?

Located in the southwestern part of Chennai, the Guindy neighborhood is one of the entry points into the capital city of Tamil Nadu. Some popular hotels located in proximity to the Guindy National Park are Lemon Tree Hotel, The Leela Palace, The Residency Towers and The Raintree Hotel.

Any last minute tips before I visit Guindy National Park?

Some valuable tips on a trip to Guindy National Park are given below:

  • There is only one eating area in the park. Make sure to carry water with you since there’s a lot of walking.
  • The park is teeming with flora and fauna species. Bring your SLR camera and ‘shoot’ animals at your will.
  • Try and maintain silence in order to not alarm the wild animals.
  • Wear a hat and apply sunscreen lotion to avoid sunburns.