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Marine National Park

Location: Gujarat

Main Wildlife Attractions: four horned antelope, chowrashingha, Dugong, shrimp, sponge

Coverage Area: 163 sq.kms.

Established: 1982

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How to reach Marine National Park

By Air

The Nearest airport is Jamnagar

By Rail

The Nearest Railway station are Jamnagar

By Road

Narala is best reached from Jamnagar, which is 56 km away; hiring a car to get you there and back is a good option.

One of its kinds in India, The Marine National Park, Jamnagar Gujarat attracts tourists from all over India. Located on the southern shores of the Gulf of Kutch, this was established in the year 1982, under the Wildlife Protection Act. The landscape showcases varieties of coral reef ecosystem along with the mangrove plantation. One can see six species of mangrove in the Marine National Park of Gujarat. One can see Avicennia marina, Avicennia alba, Avicennia officianalis, Rhizophora mucronata, Ceriops tagal, Aegiceros corniculata.

The Marine National Park in Gujarat is also the nesting grounds of varied avian species. From herons, egrets, ibises, spoonbills to ducks, gulls and little cormorants can be seen over here. From the world's four horned antelope, chowrashingha, Dugong, a kind of a seal to the largest herd of blackjacks you can get a glimpse of all the rare species in this Marine National Park.

From turtles, shrimp, sponge, eels, sea urchin lurk the Marine National Park is simply colorful and interesting to the nature lovers.