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Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Maharashtra

Main Wildlife Attractions: Barking Deer's,Chikaras, Hares, Porcupines,Jungle Cats

Coverage Area: 82.94 sq.kms

Established: 1986

Best Time to Visit:November to February

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 While visiting Maharashtra, tourists must not forget to plan their trip to Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary . While driving down the Bombay-Agra National Highway, you can easily visit the sanctuary where the animal world will invite you with warmth. This wildlife Sanctuary is in Shirpur Tehsil of Dhule district, Maharashtra.

Located in the southwest foothills of the Satpura range is the store house of lush green vegetation, with popular trees and grasses like Babul, Bel, Palas, Khair, Hiwar, Kusal, Bhuri, Casia auriculata, Albizzia lebbek and Dhawda. But unfortunately this sanctuary is becoming an active prey of deforestation.

These trees are the homeland for various fowls and during the dawn and dusk, the ambience fills up with the cheerful chirpings of the birds.

Amongst the wild animals, barking deer, chinkaras, porcupines, jungle cats, hares, jackals, hyenas, wolves and wild boars can be easily found. Tourists can spot these wild animals in their natural habitat where they are given all the opportunities to grow and regenerate.

Among the birds, there are quails, patridges, egrets, herons, cormorants, corts, spot bills, eagles and owls which are the main birds that are found in this sanctuary. Apart from this, migratory birds during winter months make the land lively and vibrant.

Tourists can enjoy the soothing climate of the sanctuary from the months of November to February. Aurangabad is 215 kms away from the wildlife sanctuary and it is regarded as the nearest airport.

Chailsgaon is 125 kms and Nardona is 40 kms away from the park. These rail routes are well connected by the Western Railways of India. Shirpur and Dhule are the nearby places from where tourists can hire jeeps and cars.