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Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary

Location: Gujarat

Main Wildlife Attractions: Chinkara, Bluebull, Wolf, Jackal, Foxes, Indian Porcupine, Indian Hare, Hyena, foxes

Coverage Area: 654 sq.kms

Established: 1980

Best Time to Visit:October to March

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A wide array of animal species can be found here. From warmth loving, typically tropical animals, to the rare Asiatic lions - Gujarat's mammal population covers an entire spectrum. If you are searching for a true encounter with nature, amidst the call of the wild, Gujarat is an ideal place to be in. The sanctuaries and wildlife reserves in Gujarat are well maintained and preserved. Utmost importance is given to the ecological order prevailing in these natural reserves of Gujarat. The government ensures that strict anti poaching measures are followed here. Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary, located in the Rajkot district and 10 kilometers from Jasdan, is one such sanctuary wherein you can experience the many facets of Wildlife in Gujarat at its best.

Unlike very few Wildlife sanctuaries in Gujarat India, Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary organizes camps to create awareness amongst the local people, and tourists in general, about wildlife, its preservation, and environmental studies. The authorities are trying to strike a balance with environment and the whole eco system of the place at large. The topography is partly undulating and partly wastelands. Gujarat Ecological and Education research work has contributed a lot in the way of continuously mapping the progress of this sanctuary, undertaking major tree plantation projects and breeding of the natural habitats in the sanctuary.

Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary houses animals like the Chinkara, Leopard, Flying fox, Hyena and Wolf to name a few. The rich avian life in the sanctuary is also worth considering. This is the natural habitat of many species of woodpeckers, bulbuls, bablers etc. So if you are a bird watcher and in perfect sync with nature, this is the place you should be heading to.

The avian life in Hingolgadh Nature Education Sanctuary is a delight for ornithologists and tourists. The rare spotted eagle and crested hawk eagle can be seen here. You might catch a glimpse of the migratory birds too which can be seen gliding through the sky or perched high up, if you visit the sanctuary in the right season. If you are in the Jasdan area, you might just consider halting, to appreciate the beauty of the Hingolgadh Palace, which lies at close proximity to the park.