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Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Location: Maharashtra

Main Wildlife Attractions: leopard, jungle fowl, wild boar and sloth bear, barking deer, blue bull, peacock

Coverage Area: 148.63 sq.kms

Best Time to Visit:February to May

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Among other animals, you can also view the blue bull, barking deer, flying squirrel and peacock. In the vicinity of this place, damp deciduous mix of forests can also be seen. The tribal people living in and around this sanctuary mostly belong to the Gond-Madia tribe. Their lives still bear imprint of a primitive era. Their local language is Gondi and Madia.

To meet their daily needs of timber, grass, wood, etc, these people depend largely on the forest. Another place of interest near this sanctuary is the Hemalkasa Lok Biradari Project, under the able guidance of Dr Prakash Amte.

Best time to Visit

Advisable to come to Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary between the months of February and May.

How to Reach

 By Air

As the place is well connected via air, rail and road, reaching here won't be an arduous task for the tourists. People coming by air-route may use the airport at Nagpur which is 370 kms from Bhamragarh.

 By Train

Tourists traveling by train can use the rail station of Ballarpur, located 197 kms from here.

 By Road

In case you take the road, the closest bus stop of Aheri, 102 kms away should be used. Traveling the stretch of Mumbai to Bhamragarh via car is also a feasible option.


Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary would give you the chance of watching a variety of wild animals from close quarters. Watching some endangered species would be a thrilling experience, one of its kind for sure.

Viewing leopards, peacocks, wild boars and flying squirrel among the wilds would mesmerize you to no ends. This sanctuary also offers an amazing mix of vegetation but principally it is damp and deciduous by nature.

So, take the road to Bhamragarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Chandrapur, Maharashtra without any further delay and have an enjoyable time amidst the marvelous flora and fauna of the place.