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Tipeshwar Sanctuary

Location: Maharashtra

Main Wildlife Attractions: black buck, blue bull, chital, sambar, peacock, hare, snake, monkey, wild boar, bear, wild cat

Coverage Area: 148.63 sq.kms

Best Time to Visit: April to May

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The main attraction in this area is peacock, Wild Boar and Bear. The best time for visiting Tipeshwar Wild Life Sanctuary in Maharashtra is from April to May, you can come from Adilabad located 35 kilometers from Andhra Pradesh. Sonegaon is the nearest Railhead.

Animals found here are Blue Bull, Chital, Sambar, Peacock, Snake and Monkey. Tipeshwar Sanctuary in Maharashtra is an ideal place for tourist gathering, being a conspicuous cotton producing district, the cool air of the lake and gentle breeze would definitely invigorate you.

The undulating landscape in Maharashtra contributes to the large quantity of floral diversity in this region. A basalt area formed from the lava explosion 90 years back forms the principal part of this region. Watered by the important rivers such as Krishna, Bhima, Tapti, Purna this region is highly appreciated for the wide array of vegetable and animal life.

About Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary :

The cascading stream of the Konkan waterfall provides a soothing view of the landscape. Ending up in tidal estuaries these streams are an integral part of the Tipeshwar Sanctuary at Yavatmal in Maharashtra.

Mangrove plantations are common at Tipeshwar Sanctuary consisting of shrubs and trees specific to inter-tidal zone in India. Of the 110 species specified so far, some of the widest collections are found here at Tipeshwar Sanctuary in Yavatmal Maharashtra.

These species require inundated land which mainly remains under water but with spokes rising above ground to help in the respiration process. These are the modified roots of Mangrove Plants. These roots also acts as a sinks to the trace elements found floating near them brought by sea water. Acting against erosion, these plants are typical to Tipeshwar Sanctuary.

Come and enjoy a favorable time with these ordinary inhabitants of nature, they would give you some respite from fatal carbon monoxide that envelops the city pent.