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Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary

Location: Maharashtra

Main Wildlife Attractions: Wolf, Fox, Hyena, Black Buck Porcupine, Palm Civet, Jungle Cat, Hare

Coverage Area: 29.90 sq.kms

Best Time to Visit:June to October

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Scarlet Minivet, kingfisher, fly catcher constitute some of the extensive species of birds found here. For an ornithologist, Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary is a veritable heaven with a rapturous collection of tropical birds, migratory ones which comes here when winter snows cover up the peaks in the North. Winter is the best time for a visit here.

Ideal for picnic and family gathering during vacation, Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary is in idyllic forest destination consisting of a crystal clear lake, extending for 11 square kilometers in Vidarbha Region. The island in the middle of this lake known as Maldonger was previously used as a refuge from the raiding Pindaris, a tribe of robbers. Several Peaks that encircle the lake are collectively called Satvahini, on the tassel of which stands bold Hanuman inside a temple dedicated to him. Said to grow his feet below the embankments, the statue has a legendary association.

The watch-tower located inside the Sanctuary offer magnificent views of the forest, glimpses of the wild animals being conspicuous from here. Extensive growth of Teak, Haldu, Kawat, Mahua, Ain, Bhel, Bhor, Jamun are found here. An extensive species of fauna consists of Tigers, Panthers, Bison, Samber, Nilgai and Chitals. One can also enjoy during the Jungle Safari, the wide range of Leopards, Sloth Bear, Gaurs, Sambers, Chitals, Langoors. Although these animals scarcely come out in the open, if you luckily find them, the experience will forever be stored in the recess of your mind.

The nearest aitport is at Nagpur, which is just 142 kilometers away from the park, Deulgaon which is the nearest Railhead constitute the principle transit points. There are also numerous other places of attraction near Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary, Maharashtra. This list includes the Nagzira Wild Lofe Sanctuary, Tibetian Camp at Gothangaon and also Pratapgad.

Come and enjoy the vicissitudes of life at Nayagaon Mayur Sanctuary in Maharashtra, and whilst you do so, indulge in some fresh oxygen of nature, away from the monotonous carbon of city clogging your respiratory track.