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Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary

Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear

Location: Gujarat

Main Wildlife Attractions: Sloth bear, leopard, striped hyena, jackal, four-horned antelope, mongoose, porcupine, civet cat, ju

Coverage Area: 55.65 sq.kms

Established: 1982

Best Time to Visit:October to May

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Different animal projects taken up by the government organizations and environmental studies are instrumental in bringing about a sea change in the biological sphere of the country. Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary is an ideal place to visit if you are an avid animal lover.

Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary is situated on Ratanmahal hills 45 kilometers from Baria. The endemic sloth bear is the special attraction of this sanctuary. Statistics shows that its population has dwindled over the years due to the many unforeseen circumstances that hampered the eco system of this specific species. Conservation of sloth bear is carried out in Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary with pronounced methods and ecological surveys which are carried out twice every year. The behavioral patterns of sloth bear are taken into account and preservation techniques are chalked out accordingly.

Other than the sloth bear, Ratanmahal and Jessore Sloth Bear sanctuary Gujarat is home to the stealthy leopard and the nilgais.

In the thick of the park, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the many Indian gazelle that can be seen grazing over the vast stretch of land.

It is advisable for tourists to carry a sturdy pair of shoes while you're on your way to the park. In rainy seasons wear knee high gears to ward of leeches. Carry a mosquito repellent with you along with mineral water and a packed meal.