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Nokrek National Park

Location: Meghalaya

Main Wildlife Attractions: Capped Langur,Python, Elephant,Pangolin,Hollock,Hornbill

Coverage Area: 47.48 sq.kms

Established: 2009

Best Time to Visit:October to May

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Meghalaya is regarded as the wettest state of India owing to the presence of the city of Cherrapunji, one of the rainiest cities in the world. Meghalaya's capital city is Sikkim and it attracts a large number of tourists each year

One of the main attractions of Meghalaya is the abundance of flora and fauna. Meghalaya's subtropical forest ecoregion is home to several species of birds, animals, reptiles and amphibians. The Nokrek National Park in Meghalaya is a habitat to several of these species and is situated in the Garo Hills district 2 kms from Tura Peak.

Covering an expansive area, the reserve is one of the least disturbed forest tracts of the sub-Himalayan ranges. It is the first biosphere reserve of its kind in the northeast region. The Garo Hills contain many natural limestone caves, the most famous among which is the Siju Cave. It is positioned very near to the Nophak Lake near the Simsang River game reserve. The cave is miles long and full of water.

Commonly observed animals in the park are Capped Langur, Clouded Leopard, Leopard Cat, Fishing-Cat, Golden Cat, Pangolin, Wild Buffalo, Python, Elephant, Serow and Tiger. One can also spot here birds such as Hornbill, Peacock, Pheasant, Hollock and many more. The salt deposits found in Arebellagre village, about 45 kms from Tura, also attract Green Pigeons during March and April. The nearest town to the Nokrek National Park is William Nagar at a distance of about 15 km. The railhead Guwahati is about160 km from the park. The nearest airport is Guwahati located at a distance of 170 km from the park.