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Davangere Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Davangere

  • Davangere district in Karnataka
Davangere At a Glance
  • Average Climate:10°C - 35°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:08192

Davangere Travel Guide

One of the flourishing industrial towns in the south-central part of Karnataka is Davangere. Famous as the textile capital of South India, Davangere has several industries and factories. But there are also some good tourist places in this town. On your tour to Davangere, Karnataka, you can learn many interesting facts about this industrial city. 

Nestled on the shores of the Noyyal River, this town of Davangere is on the foothills of the Western Ghats. Mahatma Gandhi once visited the city of Davangere in the year 1934, which made this location famous in history. There are a number of tourist attractions in Davangere that attract tourists from all over the world. So plan a tour to Davangere and enjoy the different tourist attractions in Davangere, Karnataka.

Here is a thorough Davangere travel guide to assist you in making travel arrangements, whether you're an avid history buff, an adrenaline junkie, or just looking for a relaxing vacation.

Davangere tourism

In Karnataka, Davangere is a charming township. It is currently designated as one of the cities built into "smart cities" as part of the Smart Cities Mission. It was once a beautiful and productive area that Sultan Hyder Ali Shah gave to a Maratha leader as a gift. Its name, which was altered by the British vernacular, is derived from Dev Nagri, which means the "Divine City."

Davangere is elevated 1,977 feet above sea level and fed by the River Bhadra. This lovely metropolis spans an area of 77 square kilometers, most of which is made up of rich plains. Davangere experiences a mild climate. However, it doesn't experience extreme temperatures because of its lush, green surroundings. This made a perfect holiday destination for travelers. 

Why Visit Davangere?

Devangere offers ample chances to explore its beauty. Wool and cotton are hand-loomed in the nearby communities. Davangere Cotton Mills is a well-known company. Another delectable dish from Davanagere is the lip-smacking Benne Dosa, a crispy Dosa variation with liberal amounts of butter poured into it that tastes best when paired with a hot chutney and potato palya (curry).

Davangere is home to several fantastic tourist attractions. It contains locations that lure visitors from throughout the nation. The Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Marudamalai Temple, Bengali Kalleswara, Anekonda, Shanthi Sagara, and other noteworthy sites can be found in Davangere.

Languages Spoken in Davangere

At the time of the 2011 census, 77.3% of people were Kannada speakers, 13.87% were Urdu speakers, 3.03% were Telugu speakers, 3.01% were Lambadi speakers, and 1.04% were Marathi speakers.

Where is Davangere located?

Davanagere is a city in the center of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is the administrative center of the Davangere district and the seventh-largest city in the state.

Places to visit in Davangere 

There are a number of tourist attractions in Davangere that attract tourists from all over the world. 

  • Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Siruvani Waterfalls and Dam
  • Marudamalai Temple
  • Kunduvada Kere
  • Bagali

Things to do in Davangere 

Davangere has a limited list of things to do, but good ones. 

  • Pay homage to the Sri Durgambika Temple 
  • Visit the St. Thomas Church.
  • Explore roman architecture of buildings
  • Try a variety of butter dosas with coconut or tomato chutney along with sambar.
  • Enjoy visiting Black Thunder Amusement Park or Siruvani Waterfalls

Shopping in Davangere

For Indians, shopping has always been a pleasant activity because it requires going outside into busy streets. Davanagere is no exception, as it provides a wide range of shopping possibilities that satisfy your craving for exotic materials and amuse your senses.

  • K B extension Markets
  • Prince Jayachamaraja Wodeyar Markets
  • Ashoka Road or Mandipet Markets
  • Belludi Galli

Best time to visit Davangere

The city has excellent weather all year long, with scorching summers. Even though it doesn't rain much during the monsoon season, you can feel the heat during the summer. Therefore, the best time to visit this stunning location is during the winter months of October to March, when the city is pleasurable and advised. Temperatures range between 25°C and 30°C during this time.

How many days are required for Davangere?

2 days are more than sufficient to explore this beautiful town. So, you can include it in this Karnataka tour package.

Accommodation in Davangere

Indian and foreign tourists have been visiting Davangere in large numbers in recent years. As a result, there are several hotels in the city. However, there aren't many luxurious accommodations, and Davangere doesn't have 5-star hotels. Some of the most significant locations to stay in Davangere are the few elegant nearby options.

  • Southern Star,Davangere
  • Srigandha Residency
  • SANKAMA The Boutique Hotel
  • Hotel Pooja International
  • Hotel Shoven

Where to Eat in Davangere

You can take advantage of the unique Benne dosas that are offered here if you are in Davanagere. Typically, mouthwatering sambar, delectable coconut chutney, and tangy tomato chutney are served with the dosas.

  • Mama's Joint
  • Benne Dosa Hotel
  • Bikaner Parantha Center
  • Apoorva Restaurant
  • Davanagere Kottur Benna Dosa

How to reach Davangere 

The closest airport to Davanagere is Jindal Vijayanagara Airport (134 km), although it offers few flights. The next nearest airport is 160 km away at Hubballi. These two well-connected international airports, Bengaluru and Mangaluru, are each roughly 270–280 km away from Davanagere.

How to Get Around Davangere

For traveling in the city you can use public transport like buses, auto rickshaws, or cars.

Davangere Travel Tips 

  • Ask any local for assistance, and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Plan your arrival and departure times carefully to save time.
  • At pilgrimage sites, avoid wearing provocative attire. Before entering the temple, take your shoes off.
  • Although English is widely spoken and understood, rural areas are the only places where local languages are spoken. Study regional vocabulary.
  • If necessary, travel with an authorized tour operator. You might have to pay extra and get unreliable information from local guides.



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FAQs about Davangere Tourism

Q: Why Davangere is famous?

Ans. Davangere is frequently referred to as the "Manchester of Karnataka" because it is a cotton center known for various cuisines like Nargis mandakki, Atikai bonda, and Benne masala dosa.

Q: Who should travel to Davangere?

Ans. For Karnataka residents, it is a wonderful weekend retreat. Ideal for a quick family getaway. Outsiders can also stop by on their Karnataka tour plan.

Q: Which foods are typical of Davangere?

Ans. Sambar, coconut chutney, and sour tomato chutney are typical accompaniments for the dosas. There is no way you can visit Davanagere and not try the unique Benne dosas that are offered here.

Q: What is the best way to reach Davangere?

Ans. Buses and railroads connect Davanagere with important cities like Bangalore and Mysore. However, there isn't an airport there. Nearly 130 km distant, Hubli is the closest airport.

Q: What locations are close to Davangere?

Ans. The closest cities to Davangere are Hampi, 112 km away; Shimoga, 70 km away; Goa, 252 km away; Coorg, 228 km away; and Wayanad, 307 km away.