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Rajkot Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Rajkot

  • Jubilee Garden Garden in Rajkot, Gujarat
Rajkot At a Glance
  • Average Climate:19°C - 43°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:0281

Rajkot Travel Guide

Rajkot, situated in the western region of India, is the fourth-largest city in Gujarat. It is primarily a commercial town with limited sightseeing opportunities. However, it is worth a visit for its delectable sweets, traditional snacks, vibrant Navratri celebrations, impressive handicrafts such as silverwork, patola weaving, and bandhani, and charming narrow alleys that exude distinct cultural vibes. Rajkot is conveniently located midway between Ahmedabad and Porbandar, making it an ideal destination for a one-day trip.

Rajkot was established in 1612 by the Jadeja Rajput Clan, which held control over the region until India gained independence in 1947. Situated alongside the Aji River, Rajkot is renowned for being where Mahatma Gandhi received his early education.

Rajkot is known as one of the cleanest cities in India and boasts several popular attractions. The Jubilee Garden, Lang Library, Watson Museum, and Kaba Gandhi No Delo are significant sites in the city. Rajkot's status as the former capital of the post-Independence state of Saurashtra also draws many tourists and historians interested in India's past.

Read the complete Rajkot tourism guide and plan your tour to Rajkot

Places to visit in Rajkot

There are many places to visit in Rajkot that will familiarize you with its history and let you discover its natural charm. Apart from the incredible places to visit in Rajkot for couples, there are places for kids, nature lovers, and history buffs in the city. Some of the significant Rajkot tourist attractions are listed below!

  • Kaba Gandhi No Delo
  • Rotary Dolls Museum
  • Watson Museum
  • Nyari Dam
  • Swaminarayan Mandir
  • Prem Mandir
  • Khambhalida Caves
  • Jubilee Garden
  • Lang Library

Things to do in Rajkot

Rajkot may not be a typical tourist destination but it offers many worthwhile activities. As Gujarat's fourth largest city, it has a lively atmosphere with excellent food, vibrant fairs, picturesque locations, and markets that sell everything from A to Z.

  • Visit the Watson Museum and Library to see historical artwork.
  • See more than 1500 different doll types from various regions when you take your kids to the Doll Museum.
  • At any nearby restaurant, savor delectable Gujarati cuisine.
  • Go to Alfred High School, also known as Mohandas Gandhi High School.

Best time to visit Rajkot

If you're planning a trip to Rajkot, the ideal time to visit is between October and March. This period offers pleasant weather for sightseeing. The monsoon season begins mid-June and lasts until September, bringing cooler temperatures but high humidity. While you can still visit Rajkot during this time, avoiding July and August, when heavy rainfall occurs, is best. The summer season in Rajkot is arid and hot, making it uncomfortable for tourists.

How to reach Rajkot

Rajkot boasts excellent connectivity via rail, road, and air, making travel to this city from anywhere in the country a breeze. The city has some of Gujarat's finest highways and roads, with private and government-run buses readily available from major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. In addition, Rajkot has an extensive rail network, with numerous options for train travel, second only to Surat, Ahmedabad, and Vadodara. While flights are the quickest means of transportation, they can also be expensive. Read more.

Accommodation in Rajkot

Rajkot is a captivating destination showcasing the best Indian culture, from its beautiful silk textiles to its exquisite jewelry, delicious traditional food, and fun Garba dance. Rajkot is a well-known city in the region and offers a wide range of accommodation options for travelers and business visitors. To fully experience India's rich history and culture, a visit to Rajkot is a must. Some top-rated accommodations in Rajkot include The Imperial Palace, Hotel Bhakti, Patria Suites, and more.

Where to eat in Rajkot?

Although Gujarat is a state with religious significance, it has limited options for non-vegetarian restaurants. Even in Rajkot, most restaurants serve only vegetarian food. To truly experience the essence of Gujarat, it's recommended to try traditional Gujarati delicacies that are primarily vegetarian. Despite this, some excellent food joints in the city serve delicious vegetarian food, such as Still Flavours, The Grand Thakur, Lord Banquet Restaurant, Temptations the Food Zone, Apple Bite, Senso, Courtyard, and Sankalp Restaurant.

How to get around in Rajkot? 

Visitors to Rajkot can rely on the improved local bus service provided by the municipal corporation for convenient and comfortable transportation to the city's top tourist destinations. In addition, the auto-rickshaw network operates round the clock, catering to tourists and locals. Private cabs can also be hired to explore popular tourist spots in the surrounding areas of Rajkot.

Travel tips

  • Do not accept food from strangers, even if it is packed.
  • Do not damage property like museums, monuments, gardens, zoos, etc.
  • Follow the rules (if there are any) at a particular attraction or place.
  • If any significant document gets lost or stolen, immediately inform the local police stations. Your documents can be misused.
  • Learn some phrases in Gujarati to help you interact better with the locals.
  • Go with a registered tour guide if needed. Some local tour guides can charge you way more for inauthentic information.


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