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Kamakhya Temple Guwahati

Kamakhya Temple is one of the most significant temples in Guwahati, Assam. One of the 108 Shakti Peethas, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya. She was of the incarnations of Goddess Durga or Goddess Shakti and is considered the core of female energy. Kamakhya is the temple's deity revered as the Bleeding Goddess.

It is believed that the sanctum sanctorum or the Garvagriha inside Maa Kamakhya Temple houses the mythical womb of the Hindu goddess Shakti. Every year in June or Ashaad, the Brahmaputra River near Kamakhya Devi Temple turns red. It is believed that the goddess bleeds or menstruates during this period.

Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati is located on the Nilachal Hill and is considered one of India's holiest shrines. It takes its name from the Hindu God of love, Kamadeva. However, as per the legend, Kamadeva lost his masculinity to a curse. So, Shakti lent back his potency, and to honor her ability, Kamkhaya Devi was installed. It continues to be worshipped by thousands of people.

People from every nook and corner of the country visit Kamakhya Temple Assam to seek blessings from Maa Kamakhya. The temple is a natural cave with a spring. But, it also has a dark cave where Kamakhya Devi is present in a beautiful form.

Durga Puja is a festival that adds more colors to the temple. It is celebrated on a large scale in the temple. The festival falls between September and October. It is a three-day celebration attended by many people who visit the temple from different parts of the world.

It is a must-visit destination that should be included in your Guwahati tour. You can plan your vacation through our customizable tour packages of Guwahati and explore this city's other attractions and this temple.

Here is the detailed information about Kamakhya Temple Guwahati Assam

Kamakhya Temple Story

According to a legend, Sati fought with her husband, Shiva, to go to a yajna her father organized to appease the gods. They both were not invited, but Sati, paying no heed to her husband's advice, went anyway. There, Sati was insulted by her father, who spoke ill of Shiva. Unable to hear her husband’s insult, she jumped into the sacrificial fire of the yajna.

When Shiva heard about this incident, his anger skyrocketed. He carried Sati’s corpse in his hand and went on a rampage with Tandav, the dance of destruction. The other gods were shivering with fear when Vishnu came to the rescue and cut the body to calm Shiva down. People believe that Sati’s body parts fell in 108 different locations, known as Shakti Peethas today.

Historical Significance of Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple's history has been long a mystery. The exact date it was built is also still being determined. However, archaeologists believe the Kamakhay Devi Temple we see today was likely built in the 1600s. There is no evidence of a temple complex as far back as 1000 AD. It is also said that the Koch dynasty, rulers throughout Assam's history, helped renovate and expand the temple over time.

Architecture of Kamakhya Temple

The Kamakhya Temple in Assam is like a mix-and-match of building styles. This unique blend creates a local style called Nilachal. Inside Kamakhya Temple, there are different rooms, like a main hall and a performance space added later, making it a fascinating place to explore.

Kamakhya Temple Timings

You can visit Yoni Kamakhya Temple in the morning from 5.30 am to 1 pm and in the evening from 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm.

Kamakhya Temple Entry Fees

There is no entry fee to enter Kamakhya Temple. However, for VIP Darshan, the ticket price is INR 500, and for defense personnel, the price is INR 50.

Best Time to Visit Kamakhya Temple

October to March is the best time to visit Kamakhya Devi temple. During this time, the weather is pleasant and you can comfortably complete your darshan. Durga Puja is an ideal time to visit Kamakhya Temple to seek blessings from the goddess.

Hotels near Kamakhya Temple

Here are some of the places to stay near Kamakhya Temple, Guwahati, to reach the temple easily for darshan -

  • Hotel Sreemoyee Inn (100 m)
  • Swastik Inn (2.8 km)
  • Abhisarika Guest Inn (2.5 km)
  • OM Regency (1.3 km)
  • Maa Sharda Guest House (2 km)

How to Reach Kamakhya Temple

  • From Guwahati Airport: You can hire a bus or a taxi to Kamakhya Temple. The distance between the two is approximately 20 km, and takes around 1 hour to reach.
  • From Guwahati Railway Station:Take a taxi or bus to Kamakhaya Temple from the railway station. It is only 7 km away and takes around 30 minutes.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Kamakhya Devi Temple

Q: Why is the Kamakhya temple famous?

Ans. Kamakhya Temple is one of the 108 Shakti Peethas and is believed to be the place where the womb of Devi Kamakhya fell. The temple was constructed to honor the 'bleeding goddess'.

Q: Who built the Kamakhya temple?

Ans. Originally, Kamakhya Temple was built by the God of Love, Kamadev to honor Goddess Shakti. In 1897 AD, a major earthquake damaged the temple, which was then rebuilt and repaired in the following years.

Q: Where is Kamakhya temple situated?

Ans. Kamakhya Temple is located in the capital city of Assam, Guwahati.

Q: What is the distance from Guwahati airport to Kamakhya Temple?

Ans. Guwahati Airport to Kamakhya Temple distance is approx. 20 km. You can reach the temple by bus, taxi, or car in around 1 hour.

Q: What is special about Kamakhya Temple?

Ans. The highlight of Kamakhya Temple is that every year in the month of June, the Brahmaputra River turns red. People believe that the Goddess Kamakhya menstruates during this period.

Q: Why do we worship Kamakhya Devi?

Ans. Devi Kamakhya is worshipped by thousands of devotees as she is the core of female energy. Kamakhya Temple is where her yoni fell, which is the cause of creation and rearing in the world. Just as a child takes birth from the mother's womb, similarly, the world has arisen from the womb of Mother Goddess Sati in the form of Goddess Kamakhya.

Q: Why is the Kamakhya temple closed for 3 days?

Ans. During the Ambubachi Mela celebrations, the Kamakhya Temple remains closed for 3 days. It is said that Goddess Shakti goes through the menstrual phases during these days. The temples open after the end of the celebrations.

Q:Where is Kamakhay Temple Located in Guwahati?

Ans. It is nestled atop the Nilachal Hills and offers a panoramic view of Guwahati.

Q: What is Kamakhya Temple Darshan Timing?

Ans. Generally, Darshan for Kamakhya Temple is from 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and in the evening from 2.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. However, the timing may vary due to the season and festivals. It is recommended that you check the timing prior to your visit.

Q: Which is the nearest airport to Kamakhya temple?

Ans. The nearest airport to Kamkahya temple is Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (Guwahati Airport). It is located about 20 km from the temple.

Q: What is Devi Kamkahya Temple mystery?

Ans. The mystery of Maa Kamakhya Devi Temple lies in its age! The date of construction is still unknown. But it's believed to be very ancient and is associated with legends of the goddess Sati.