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Tourist Attractions in Periyar

Surrounded by pleasant foliage and nature's finest splendor, Periyar is a must-see location in Kerala. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, where you can participate in bird watching and an adrenaline jungle safari through Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. Add 3-4 lines more.

Here are the Top Places to Visit in Periyar

  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Periyar River
  • Pullumedu
  • Mangala Devi Temple
  • Spice garden
  • Periyar River- The Periyar River, also known as Vandiperiyar, flows through the village's center and sustains the nearby coffee and tea plantations. Around Vandiperiyar, there are numerous tea factories, and travelers frequently visit the area to sample the amazing varieties of tea and observe the post-plantation process. While exploring the area, you may also visit a lot of cardamom plantations.
  • Pullumedu- The winding path to the steep town of Pullumedu runs parallel to the Periyar river. While driving in a jeep, you can get a good look at the numerous plantations, including the luscious green trees, plants, greenery, and large expanses of grass. On this course, you can also see the well-known Shree Ayyappa Temple. This section of the Periyar is one of the most peaceful due to the unique surroundings and calm atmosphere. Pullumedu's extensive trees lend the area a sense of unadulterated beauty.
  • Mangala Devi Temple- The historic Mangala Devi temple is situated in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary's tiger reserve. According to legend, a well-known Tamil woman by the name of Kannaki rose to fame as Magala Devi, the holy woman who bestowed blessings on those who approached her. While touring the Periyar Tiger Reserves, tourists and pilgrims both stop at this location, which is surrounded by thick forests, to learn about the temple's history.
  • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary- This well-known wildlife sanctuary, which is located in Thekkady and spans an area of 777 square kilometers, is regarded as one of the most captivating natural sanctuaries. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which is encircled by extensive and thick forests, was designated a Tiger Reserve in 1978. This sanctuary draws visitors from all over the world since it allows them to observe the entire region from a boat. This is the most distinctive aspect, and it is known that no other sanctuary in India has ever hosted this type of honor. In addition to the other creatures you witness, the elephants playing in the water are the sanctuary's most eye-catching feature.

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