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Tumkur Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Tumkur

  • Tumkur fort in Karnataka
Tumkur At a Glance
  • Average Climate:18°C - 32°C
  • Best Time to Visit:Throughout the year
  • STD Code:0816

Tumkur Travel Guide

Tumkur is a buzzing industrial town in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is located to the west of Mysore, at a distance of 70 km from Bangalore. The city sprawls over green hills, gurgling streams, and gliding valleys. A Tour to Tumkur, Karnataka, is necessary for nature lovers who love tranquility.

The hills at Tumkur rise to 4000 feet. On the sides of the mountain flow Krishna and the Cauvery. Significant streams are Jayamala and Shimsha. Tumkur is rich in minerals, with a great amount of iron found here. The main crops cultivated in this district are Millet, Rice, Pulses, and Oil seeds. Cotton cloth, Woolen blankets, and rope-making industries are the major industries of Tumkur. 

Read the complete Tumkur tourism guide and plan your trip to Karnataka

Places to visit in Tumkur

Tumkur is known as the IT hub of India. Tourists visiting Karnataka for a weekend getaway frequently overlook Tumkur. Though not very popular as a tourist hotspot, the places in Tumkur are recently gaining traction thanks to their scenic beauty. We have shortlisted the top places to visit in Tumkur that are picture-perfect stops to witness the best of the city and experience Karnataka’s cultural scene:

  • Devarayanadurga Fort
  • Devarayanadurga State Forest
  • Mahima Garuda Ranganatha Swamy Temple
  • Bhoga Narasimha Temple
  • Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple

Things to do in Tumkur

Tumkur is gaining popularity as a tourist destination because of its scenic beauty and cultural and historical treasures. Nobody in Karnataka could have predicted that this industrial city would become a popular destination for lovers of history, nature, and romance. Travelers may enjoy a variety of activities in Tumkur all year long.

  • Temple of Yoga Narasimha Swamy: Seek Blessings
  • Temple of Bhoga Narasimha: Pray for Others
  • Trekking in Shivaganga Hills
  • Walk Back In Time at the Mahima Garuda Ranganathaswamy Temple

Best time to visit Tumkur

With overall pleasant climatic conditions, Tumkur has an average temperature of 24.4 °C. It has an annual 630-millimeter-millimeter average of precipitation, primarily concentrated in the monsoon season from June to September. With its typical dry weather, Tumkur can be visited all year round, although November to March is recommended for those travelers who wish to be safe. So, book your Tumkur tour at the best time to enjoy its beauty at its peak. 

How to reach Tumkur

To reach Tumkur, fly to Bengaluru International Airport, around 90 km away. From the airport, hire a taxi or take a bus to Tumkur. If you prefer trains, Tumkur has its railway station, which is well-connected to major cities in Karnataka and other states. Additionally, you can access Tumkur via state highways or national highways from nearby towns like Bengaluru, Mysuru, and Mangalore. Several buses and private vehicles ply these routes, offering easy transportation options to Tumkur.

Accommodations in Tumkur

To suit various needs and preferences, Tumkur offers a selection of lodging options. You can find hotels, guesthouses, and lodges that provide comfortable stays for travelers. Some hotels offer modern amenities, while guesthouses may offer a more homely experience. Budget-friendly lodges are available for economical holidays. It's advisable to book in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons or events. Many accommodations are conveniently located in the city, making exploring Tumkur's attractions and nearby areas easy.

Where to eat in Tumkur?

In Tumkur, you can find a variety of eateries serving delicious South Indian cuisine. Look for local restaurants and roadside stalls offering authentic Karnataka dishes like dosas, idlis, vadas, and traditional meals. Tumkur is known for its mouth watering street food, including chaats, bajjis, and bondas. Additionally, you can explore restaurants serving North Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines. Don't forget to try the local specialty, "Benne Dosa." Some popular eatery areas are MG Road, Batawadi, and Siddaganga Extension.

How to get around in Tumkur? 

The town has a well-developed local transportation system with buses, auto-rickshaws, and taxis readily available for commuting within the city. Auto-rickshaws are a popular mode of transport for short distances, while buses connect different areas in Tumkur. Private cabs can be hired for more convenience and flexibility. Walking or renting a two-wheeler is also an option for exploring specific places at your own pace.

Travel tips

  • Pack light, comfortable clothes suitable for Tumkur's warm climate and cultural norms.
  • Check out local festivals and events to experience Tumkur's vibrant culture and traditions.
  • Carry a water bottle and stay hydrated while exploring the city and its surroundings.
  • Try authentic local cuisine at popular eateries for a delightful gastronomic experience.
  • Book accommodations to secure the best options that fit your budget and preferences.
  • Learn a few basic Kannada phrases to ease communication with locals and show respect for their language.


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