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Churches in Chennai

Chennai is an important religious port where all the religions can be found. The religious monuments are the main attractions of Chennai. Chennai is one of significant places where European powers came and established colony. Along with them, Christianity was spread and ancient churches came into existence in Chennai.

Chennai was popularly named as ‘Madras’ and holds a history of 350 years. The city was the village of fishermen. Slowly the village became an important sea port of the country. Portuguese is the first European to reach the shores of Chennai. The Church Saint Thomas Mount is the first church in Chennai built by them. Afterwards French, British, Dutch came and established their colony which brought the conventional churches and the beliefs along with them.

The Churches in Chennai are the result of the blending of the various traditions like: Anglican, Methodists, Presbyterian and Congregational. Not only British and French but other European countries came along with their religious beliefs and spread it in every corner of India. In the second half of 19th century Chennai became the hub of various religious seats.

Chennai is the state of culture and traditions, which are well evident in the religious monuments like churches, temples and mosques.

The churches play an important role in the social structure of Chennai. The unique architectures make the tourists to visit the historical monuments which utter the tale of glorious by gone days.

Various tour packages offer trip to the churches of Chennai. Different churches with their different ideals give a detailed idea about various religious groups in Chennai.