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Santhome Cathedral Basilica Chennai

Santhome Cathedral Basilica, Chennai falls under Roman Cathedral Church. The church was built by the Portuguese explorers. The Portuguese landed on the shore and made it one of their business centers. The Church of Chennai bears evidence of the Indian history and by-gone days.

The Santhome Cathedral church is located at the heart of the city towards Marine drive and is visited by tourists every year from different parts of the country. Santhome Cathedral Basilica of Chennai holds an important place in the religious heritage of Chennai.

Santhome Cathedral Basilica bears historical importance. It is believed that one of the twelve apostles of Christ had visited the place in the middle of the first century. He preached at a place called Little Mount and after that he was put to death at St. Thomas Mount in 72 AD. After his death a church was established at the position which is now known as the Santhome Cathedral Basilica.

The Santhome Cathedral Basilica was established between 14th and 15th century in a Neo Gothic style. The crypt of the church is said to still contain some of the remains of St. Thomas’ corpse and part of his bone. The church is 50 feet high and was renovated by the British in the year 1893. The stained glass work, 14 wood plaques utter the tales of St. Thomas’ encounter with resurrected Christ.

In the year 1896, the cathedral received blessings of Pope Pius XII. Every year pilgrims from different parts come and gather here to experience the festivals of the cathedral. The glory and the importance of the church still remain. This gothic church is a representative of European architecture and religion.