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Ripon Building Chennai

The Ripon Building Chennai is one of the most elegant buildings in the city and reminds the tourists of the colonial past of India. The office of Madras Corporation or the Chennai Corporation, this structure was built in 1913 and is a part of a large municipal complex. The complex includes parks and gardens, the Nehru Stadium, Victoria Public Hall and Moore Market.


The Ripon Building is located on the West of the Central Station in Chennai.

Features of the Ripon Building in Chennai:

The Ripon Building in Chennai is one of the most elegant examples of British architecture and has still preserved its vintage look. The building also has been a witness to a number of historical events of the past. No wonder, the Ripon Building in Chennai is one of its most interesting historical monuments.

The Municipal Corporation of Chennai which was then called Madras settled in this building from the year 1913. The foundation stone of this building was laid in the year 1909. It covers an area of 9628 square meters which was built at an approximate cost of around 8 lakhs.

The high ceilings of the Ripon Building are supported by Teak wood joists and the floors which have Cuddapah flooring is now decorated by marble flooring. The special attraction of this building is West Minister Quarter Chiming Clock which quite an age old watch belonging to the year 1913.