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Bharathiyar Illam Chennai

The Bharathiyar Illam Chennai is the house of the greatest Tamil Poet, Subramanya Bharathi. Born in 1882, the works of this poet is considered to be exceptional.

The Bharathiyar Illlam in Chennai is the residential place of the Subramanyam Bharathi, and is now one of the popular tourist attractions of Chennai.


The Bharathiyar Illam Chennai is around 600km from Chennai.

  • Air: Nearest airport is Chennai, which is well connected to the major cities.
  • Rail: Chennai is the nearest railway station.

From the early age of seven Subrmanya Bharathi showed his skills as a poet. Born in 1882, he stayed in a village in the early years of his life. In the last years of his life he lived in a house in Triplicane in Chennai, which was later brought by the Tamil Nadu Government. The house was named Bharathiyar Illam by the government.

In the Bharathiyar Illlam one gets to see different photographs, anecdotes and life story of one of the greatest Indian poet called Subramanya Bharathi. The house contains the pictures and archives of Subramanya Bharathi. One also gets to see the written verses of Bharathiyar Illam written years back.

The records also have a letter from Mahatma Gandhi to mark the opening of Bharathiyar Mani Mandapam.