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Govind Ji Temple in Jaipur

There are many attractions in Jaipur. The variety of attractions in Jaipur actually is one of the main factors to draw such a large number of tourists towards Jaipur. Jaipur tours have gained so much popularity in the recent past that it needs to be planned well in advance or else you may not avail it according to your preference. There are many Jaipur Tourist attractions. Tours to the temples of Jaipur is currently an integral part of Jaipur tours. Among the number of temples in Rajasthan, the Govind Ji Temple is a major attraction. The temple dedicated to Lord Krishna is a must visit for tourists visiting Jaipur.

Dedicated to Lord Krishna, The Govind Ji Temple is belived to have the idol that was brought all the way from Vrindavan and installed by the Sawai Jai Singh. The spiritual importance of the temple is such that even the royal family has worshipped here. Built in 1890, the temple was built with the money received from Raja Man Singh. Nestled between Chandra Mahal and Badal Mahal in the City Palace complex, the temple manages to draw a huge number of devotees as well as leisure tourists.

Visiting the temple during the Janmashtami is a great experience as the particular festival is a grand affair in this temple. The temple bustles with activities as thousands of devotees come here to take part in this festival. The Janmashtami festival that commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna is truly a grand affair in the Govind Ji Temple in Jaipur. There are also a number of other rituals performed in the temple. One of the most unique among them is dressing up of Lord Krishna seven tines a day and each time the dress is changed an aarti and bhog ceremony is performed.

Such rituals are a part of the Indian tradition. Hence, tourists from other countries learn a lot about the Indian tradition and culture. Therefore, a visit to Govind Ji temple is a must during the Jaipur tour. The visit to the temple is indeed an enriching experience as it will not be an opportunity to witness the splendid architecture of temple. Tourists also get a chance to witness the various rituals of India.

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