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Places to Visit in Shillong

Shillong is a paradisiacal site located in the northeastern state of Meghalaya. This hill station is blessed with tranquil lakes, roaring waterfalls, and flourishing gardens. It is home to some popular tourist places, which are thrived by a large number of travelers. Lady Hydari Park, Elephant Falls, Bishop & Beadon Falls, and Sweet Falls are amongst the most famous attractions of Shillong. Some of the best lakes in Shillong are Wards Lake and Umiam Lake.

Adventure activities like kayaking, water cycling, scooting, and boating attract visitors. Apart from its scenic beauty, trekking is common here; mostly, the trekkers love to reach the highest point of Shillong is Shillong Peak. This peak is perched at the height of 1965 meters above sea level and offers the best view of the vicinity and a refreshing breeze. There are quite a lot of tourist attractions in Shillong, have a look at Indian Holiday’s Shillong Travel Guide to get more details about the same.

The beauty of Shillong has a deep connection with nature that will offer thrill, beauty, and fun at the same time. On top of that, this northeast hill station is suitable for all kinds of tourists. Notably, the lakes, hills, scenic views, parks, and waterfalls are some essential factors of tourist attractions of Shillong. Identically, the ways to add fun to your Shillong trip come with a vast range that never disappoints. So whether you are looking for a peaceful vacation hotspot for family fun or looking for a romantic vacation amidst the hill station, Shillong has all the answers.

Best Places to Visit in Shillong

Elephant Falls

Stuck between the dense trees, Elephant Falls attracts nature lovers from different parts of the world. However, it is not just the Shillong attraction for tourists even though it is the most scenic waterfall in North East India. It has three sections that allow you to witness the charm of beauty.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures

It is one of the topmost attractions of Shillong that opens the door for the opportunities to know the culture and tradition of this northeast. It is no surprise that Don Bosco Center in Shillong offers great insight into the tradition and culture of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland. You can learn more deeply through its language gallery, photo gallery, agriculture gallery, and musical instruments gallery.

Lady Hydari Park

This well-manicured lush garden consists of natural beauty and a zoo. Unquestionably, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shillong. You can see a variety of orchids and flowering plants while strolling in the park. If you want to enjoy some peaceful moments, you must visit this park in Shillong. Read more details here.

Laitlum Canyons

If you are an adventure lover and also love to admire the natural beauty, Laitlum Canyons is the ideal place for you. With gorgeous views of green hills, bamboo plants, foggy clouds, and the orchids, this spot has become the most sought-after attraction of Shillong. The Mystical mist and fog enhance the beauty of this place that you can witness in each direction.

Mawlynnong Waterfall

It is time to soothe your mind and body at Mawlynnong Waterfall. The combination of water flow and lush greenery make it one of the breathtaking attractions of Shillong. You must visit here during the monsoon because the beauty of this waterfall will amaze you in every sense.

Umiam Lake

Being surrounded by Sylvan Hills and lush green Khasi pines, Umiam Lake is one of the best places to visit in Shillong. You can spend your ME time and enjoy the view of the surroundings with your family. There are many resorts where you can enjoy your stay in the resorts near the lake. Read more...

Ward’s Lake

Ward's Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Shillong that offer colorful flowers and a beautiful view. Apart from it, there are many fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends, family, or partner. Paddles, boating, walking on the bridge, shopping, and photography are some best ways to enjoy Ward's Lake.

Mawlynnong Village

It is one of the cleanest villages in Asia and is also regarded as God’s Own Garden. The evergreen surroundings and living root bridges are some beautiful elements of this village. This village has impressive churches that reflect European architecture.


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