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Historical Monuments in Tanjore

Tanjore is known as the Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu and is a famous place for the visitors. Tanjore is renowned for the Brahadeeswarar (or Brihadeeshwara) Temple which had been constructed by the King Rajarajan (or Raja Raja Chola) thousands of years back. There are several Historical Monuments in Tanjore. The Brahadeeswarar Temple is an archeological wonder and attracts tourists from across the globe. Bronze sculpture and Painting has been best displayed in the Historical Monuments of Tanjore.

Thanjavur or Tanjore had been the royal city under the Cholas, Nayakas and the Marathas. The Big Temple is another principal attraction at Tanjore. Tanjore had been the cultural capital of the country and is also known as the Granary of South India. It is located in the delta of the Cauvery River and a large network of irrigation canals run through the area.

Under the reign of the Cholas, South Tanjore came into the limelight. The temples in Tanjore reflect the unique Dravidian style of architecture and the Tamil University built in the temple’s style reminds us that the seat of learning is just as holy as the temple.

The Naageshwara Temple is another specimen of Indian devotion; constructed in 1005AD, it symbolizes the beautiful Chola Architecture. The Rajaraja Museum is under the supervision of the Department of Archeology and is one of the most visited places in Tanjore.

  • Thanjavur Royal Palace: It is one of the most reputed Historical Monuments in Tanjore. The palace was gifted to the Tanjore city by the Nayaka Rulers constructed around 1550 with a large courtyard. The hall is supported by numerous pillars and the small courtyard provides access to the larger one. The Vimana-like building in the south is actually a 190 feet high eight storied structure and consists of a watch tower. This is also known as the Goodagopuram. The armory of the Thanjavore Kings has been kept inside the palace and visitors find this place an apt one or a tour.

Orattanad Monuments is located at Tanjore and looks like a chariot. It is also one of the renowned Historical Monuments in Tanjore. It has been named after Muktambal, who had been one of the devoted queens of Sarfoji II. Here abundant religious sculptures made with wood and stucco is available.


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