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Siva Ganga Garden Tanjore

Placed between Brihadeswarar Temple and Schwartz Church, Siva Ganga Garden is not only a very popular park but is also a famous tourist attraction in Thanjavur. Placed within the complex of Vijayanagar fort, it is quite close to the Thanjavur Palace. The park consists of a huge square tank, constructed in the 16th century that was the water resource for the palace. The garden was built by one of Nayaka rulers, Sevappa Nayaka. In the modern times, it is a popular picnic spot.

The park comprises of a playing area for children, the prime attraction. Tourists and locals can enjoy boat riding in the pond that is in the vicinity of the park. That is not all. There is small toy train and a theppakulam or a small temple, right in the center of the pond. If you are fond of reading, there is Thanjavur Municipal Library in the park complex.

This well-maintained lush garden is festooned with both non- flowering as well as flowering plants. Treat your eyes to the greenery spread all around and listen to the soothing chirping of the birds. Spot varied species of animals and birds at the miniature zoological park.