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Temples in Tanjore

The numerous temples of Tamil Nadu never cease to amaze a history aficionado. The temples in Tanjore reveal yet another dimension of the beauty of temples in Tamil Nadu.

During the latter half of the eighteenth century, Tanjore emerged as the cultural capital of the country. It was a glorious period in the history of this place under the able leadership of the Chola kings. Over the years Tanjore’s popularity as a historical and culturally rich city has been gaining steady popularity. It is visited by a large number of tourists each year and undoubtedly the Temples in Tanjore are its greatest attraction.

The temples in Tanjore are probably the best manifestations of the rich cultural heritage of the city. They reflect the achievements made by our artisans in the field of art and architecture. It is not for no reason that the temples in Tanjore have earned world wide fame.

Just as is the case with the other temples of South India, the temples in Tanjore are also not just places of worship where a particular god is enshrined and the devotees come to offer their prayers. They are literally cultural centers which encouraged the growth and development of various performing arts like song and dance. The vast premises of the temples in Tanjore also served as community centers. People assembled here to discuss on various social issues. They had a distinctive role to play in the life of the people of Tamil Nadu.

Tanjore’s greatest contribution to the Dravidian temple Architecture of South India is the Brihadeeshwara Temple in Thanjavur. The grandeur of this majestic temple is surely going to impress you. It is an embodiment of remarkable sculptural dexterity. The paintings which adorn the walls of the sanctum of the temple can even be compared to the cave frescoes of Ajanta.

Of the other magnificent temples located in and around Tanjore are the Puliyur Vyagrapureeswarar Temple and the Sikkal Singaravelavar Temple.

The Aiyarappan Temple in Thanjavur also deserves a special mention amongst the Temples in Tanjore. It is a symbol of architectural brilliance and is very aesthetically designed. It is well worth a visit on your tour to Tanjore.


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