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Dwarka, Gujarat

Fast Facts
Fast Facts

Located at Gujarat

Located near the Kutchh peninsula

150 kilometers away from Jamnagar airport

378 kilometers away from Ahmedabad on railway, 137 kilometers away from Jamnagar and 217 kilometers away from Rajkot

Did You Know
Did You Know

It was Lord Krishna's kingdom

Acted as a seaport for goods going to the Mediterranean area

Must Do
Must Do

Visit holy places


Dwarka is an important city as far as Hindu pilgrims are concerned as it was the ruling ground of Lord Krishna who is one of the major Hindu deities. It is located at Gujarat, close to the peninsula of Kutchh.

Dwarka had been supposedly drowned after the incidents of Mahabharata, which is one of the best epics ever. It was recently revealed after a number of marine excavations. Till then it was only a stuff of myths and legends.

Dwarka was the capital of the massive kingdom built by Lord Krishna, his brother Shri Balarama and other accomplices thousands of years ago. Shri Krishna had settled there when king of Magadha, Jarasandha attacked Mathura, Krishna's original kingdom, in a bid to avenge the death of his son-in-law Kamsa at the hands of Krishna.

In the recent years Dwarka has attracted a number of pilgrims as a result of its association with Krishna. Dwarka is regarded as being one of the sapta puris, or the seven oldest towns in India. The fact that a number of legends are associated with Dwarka makes it an instant favorite among pilgrims.

Besides these there are other historical significances attached to Dwarka. In ancient times it was a seaport for goods that were sent to countries situated in the Mediterranean area. The archaeological remains of Dwarka indicate to a level of prosperity that was not common at that point of time.

Dwarka has been visited in later times by people like Guru Nanak, Adi Shankaracharya, Mira, Ramanuja, Kabir and Narsinh Mehta. There are a number of tourist attractions in and around Dwarka. Some worth mentioning in this regard are Nageswar Mahadev, Jagat Mandir, Bet Dwarka and the Sharada Peetha.

Getting to Dwarka is relatively easy as there are a number of options available for the purpose. Closest airport to Dwarka is Jamnagar airport, which is at a distance of 150 kilometers. By train it is 378 kilometers away from Ahmedabad, 137 kilometers away from Jamnagar and 217 kilometers away from Rajkot. Visitors can also avail buses that are run by State Transport from a wide variety of places.

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