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Chettinad Palace in Chennai

The tourist attractions in Chettinad comprise of a number of historic edifices including palaces and mansions. Among others, the prime tourist attraction in Chettinad that you can explore while on a tour to Chettinad is the 110-year-old Chettinad Palace.

The Chettinad Palace in Chettinad is the oldest surviving structure built in traditional architectural style of Chettinad. The Chettinad Palace was designed and constructed by Dr Annamali Chettiyar, founder of the Indian Bank and the Annamalai University in Chidambaram. Moat of the construction materials, decorative items and furnishings used to construct Chettinad Palace were imported from East Asian countries and Europe.

Chettinad Palace is a big draw among tourists who come on a tour to Tamil Nadu. At Chettinad Palace, see the verandah which was converted into the waiting area for the visitors. The floor of the waiting area is laden with white marble. The meeting hall is adorned with several pairs of tusks, portraits of family members and a collection of colored crystal. The ceiling is designed artistically in vegetable dye over roofing plates made of copper soldered with a special variety of aluminum. The 1.5 ft - 3 ft wide walls keep the interiors of the Chettinad Palace cool.

The hall leads to the central courtyard, used for weddings and religious ceremonies erstwhile. There is another courtyard in the ladies' hall, accompanied by a spacious dining hall. The third courtyard is surrounded by many small rooms, meant to store crockery, food and other kitchen items. At the corner of the courtyard is a room for worship where Rani Seethai Achi, wife of Dr Annamalai Chettiyar, spent most of her time.

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