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Kovalam Tourism | How to Plan a Trip to Kovalam

  • Light House Beach Kovalam
Kovalam At a Glance
  • Average Climate:Oct - 30°C / 25°C, Nov - 30°C / 25°C, Dec - 31°C / 24°C
  • Best Time to Visit:October - February
  • Major Airports:Thiruvananthapuram International Airport
  • Ideal Durations:1 To 2 Days
  • STD Code:

Kovalam Tourism | Kovalam Travel Guide

Crescent-shaped beaches, exquisite monuments, and stunning coastlines enhance the charm of the jaw-dropping locales of Kovalam. Popularly called as ‘Paradise of South’, Kovalam is located by the beautiful Arabian Sea and is situated in the boundaries of Thiruvananthapuram. The incredible beauty of this beach town attracts a large number of tourists every year. The palm-fringed beaches of Kovalam are perfect for leisure vacations and enjoy sunbathing. Ayurvedic and yoga retreats at the therapeutic centers offer enriching experiences.

Kovalam also offers a perfect getaway to the honeymooners. Couples can savor some romantic moments on the beaches of Kovalam and adventure lovers can satiate their adventure-loving souls by partaking in the watersports. This amazing beach town is home to some of the swanky nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of this beach town.

With our Kovalam travel guide, you can get detailed information about this idyllic beach town. If you are planning a visit here then take a look and gather important information for a hassle-free trip.

Why visit Kovalam?

Famed as a popular beach destination, Kovalam is blessed with paradisiacal beauty. Some of the main attractions in Kovalam besides beaches are yoga and Ayurvedic retreats, luxury resorts, nightclubs, hill stations, and backwaters. Kovalam has something for every kind of traveler, be it a solo traveler, family, friends, couples, adventure fanatics, or nature lovers.

Kovalam is home to interlinking canals and backwaters, which are popular for houseboat cruises. Wooden boat rides are also extremely famous here. It is an amazing way to explore the enchanting beauty of this beautiful place in traditional ways. This is the perfect destination to spend a vacation with your loved ones.

Things to do at Kovalam

Here are the top things to do in Kovalam – one of the most attractive townships in Kerala.

  • Spend a night-time in the houseboat – Floating in the serene backwaters with an attractive pastoral rural backdrop and rich green paddy fields feels like a dream come true. One can delight the scenery and indulge in lavish Malabari food to have a remarkable experience. Each deluxe type of houseboats in Kovalam is well furnished, comfortable and attractively. There are several types of houseboat rides and you can choose among them, according to your requirements.
  • Take a sightseeing tour – Kovalam has a lot of stylish tourist magnetism that keeps attracting travelers to this town. Explore the Lighthouse, Vizhinjam rock-cut cave temple, Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple and Halcyon Castle. Appreciating the charm of Neyyar Dam and endorsing the spectacular sunset at Valiyathura Pier are the most exciting things to do in Kovalam.

Electrifying watersport activities and beach adventure

  • Windsurfing – It is a magnificent water sport activity for those who are ardent adventure lovers. It is one of the most widespread racing games in the world that gives you enthusiasm and thrilling experience.
  • Parasailing – It is also known as para-kiting, an entertaining kiting activity where the person is pulled behind a vehicle while attached to a designed canopy wing resembles a parachute known as a parasail wing. Parasailing on its beach is a popular tourist attraction.
  • Sunbathing – Kovalam Beach offers a unique experience of sunbathing with its lovely landscape and favorable climate.
  • Jet Skiing – It is one of the most exciting and thrilling watersports activities being offered in Kovalam. It is great for developing your equilibrium and coordination skills as well as your leg muscles. It is perfect for those vacationers who are seeking adventure.
  • Scuba Diving – It is a kind of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained breathing apparatus (scuba). You are engaged in only three basic skills floating, kicking and breathing. It is one of the widespread activity among tourists.
  • Go for a peaceful catamaran ride: Undoubtedly, it is one of the most unique things to do in Kovalam. The boats are mostly traditional and are rowed with the help of bamboo oars. You can try out the activity at the Hawa Beach or the Vellayani Lake.
  • Enjoy Ayurvedic massages and spa: Kovalam is well known for its Ayurvedic medicine treatment. There are plenty of famous Ayurveda massage and spa centers in Kovalam. This is one of the chief things to do in Kovalam. Using a variety of techniques and herbal oils. Ayurveda is a system of curing against your diseases.
  • Meditation: Yoga helps in purifying and maintain your good health. It helps to increase your spiritual strength. You should try meditation while spending time here.
  • Creative art workshops – Art and creative workshops are one of the best ways to spend some free time here. It is one of the favorite tourist spots in Kovalam.

Top tourist attractions to visit around Kovalam:

If you haven’t seen an abundance of South India then Kovalam is a perfect place to start the tour. Here are the top tourist attractions to visit around Kovalam:

  • Lighthouse Beach – Lighthouse is one of the most popular and crowded ones. A 35 m high lighthouse set up on the Kurumkar hillock right along the beach. It is made up of stones and colored in red and white bands. Lighthouse is a flawless spot to enjoy water sports activities. Tourists also like to play volleyball on the beach. Its beauty attracts tourists from across the world.
  • Hawah Beach – It is also known as Eve’s beach. The name behind this beach also has an attention-grabbing anecdote. It is fenced by verdant coconut and palm plantations. One of the famous tourist places in Kovalam.
  • Vellayani Lake – One of the most popular freshwater lake in Kovalam and ranks high in the list of famous tourist places. It is also known as “Velliyani Kayal”. One can visit the nearby places of the lake where you can learn about the local culture and lifestyle.
  • Halcyon Castle – This has now been renewed into the luxury deluxe hotel. The marvelous castle is an example of the traditional structural design of Travancore. The attractive lawn all around the grand castle is a treat to the eyes. Yet, the Halcyon Castle never fails to attract tourists from across the world.
  • Kovalam Art Gallery - If you are a connoisseur of art then don’t miss to visit the Kovalam art gallery. Here are some of the rare collection of Fresco paintings and art which are being loved by tourists from all around the world. There are also some displays related to ancient civilizations, the Mughal era, the Rajput era, as well as artifacts from China, Tibet, and Japan.
  • Neyyar Dam and Aruvikkara Dam – The dam also strikes a pose as a perfect spot for picnic lovers. Both dams are surrounded by forests that are home to several wildlife species. Sightseers visit these dams for a day out generally.
  • Samudra Beach – This serene beach with spell-binding beauty, is one of the coolest beaches in Kovalam. It is not much crowded and mostly preferred by newlyweds who want to spend time away from hustle and bustle. It is the place where you can glee the view of shoreline fishing. Considered as the best places to visit in Kovalam.
  • Valiyathura Pier – The pier is about 215 m long and located near Valiyathura, which locally means a big seaport. It attracts the tourists for its jaw-dropping sights of the Malabar Coast and the Arabian Sea. It is an idyllic place to take a relaxing walk and spend leisure time here. You can capture the setting sun and rising tides on your camera forever.
  • Karamana River – Karamana River Bank is one of the popular tourist attractions in Kovalam offering leisure and relaxation. It attracts many tourists with numerous indulging activities. Tourists generally visit the river bank to enjoy boating.
  • Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple – This beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is amongst the must-visit places in Kovalam. The brilliant architecture of the temple is attention-grabbing. Hindu idols are present in the temple are superbly carved. Visitors have to follow a strict dress code where women have to sari or salwar kurta and men's attire is dhoti.
  • Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple - The Rock Cut Cave Temple is one of the best places to visit in Kovalam for religious people. This is one of the smallest shrines in entire South India. The Rock temple is one of the oldest rock shrines in India with incomplete sculptures of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  • Artificial offshore Coral Reef – Do not consider your trip has been done if you haven’t visited this man-made wonder which is a must-visit place in Kovalam. The location has gained huge popularity.
  • German Bakery – This is one of the most prominent bakeries in Kovalam and serves lip-smacking German cuisine. Food is graded amongst the best in Kovalam, surely you do not want to miss one among the best places to visit in Kovalam.

Best Restaurants and Local Foods in Kovalam:

Kovalam is a popular tourist destination in Kerala. Prevalent street food in Kovalam is for both vegetarian and seafood lovers. Get pampered with delicious and scrumptious food. Here is the list of the best local foods in Kovalam along with the top eating outlets on the beach.

  • Puttu – It is a healthy steamed dish made of rice flour and coconut, commonly consumed with Kadala curry or red bananas. One of the top famous food in Kovalam.
  • Kerala Appam – It is the popular breakfast in Kerala. It is served with vegetable stew or with chicken or other meat dishes.
  • Kappa – Kappa (or Tapioca) is a peppery dish packed with rich proteins and vitamins. Amongst the famous food of Kovalam, Kappa tastes best when it served with fish curry.
  • South Indian Plate – The best way of relishing the rich mix of dishes in Kovalam is by ordering the South Indian Plate. Commonly served on a banana leaf and includes rice, mixed vegetables, Sambhar, coconut chutney, curd, papad, and dessert.

Beside with sunny beaches and abundant food, Kovalam is dotted with several restaurants. Here is the list of the best food restaurants in Kovalam that you must try.

  • German Bakery and Waves Restaurant
  • Bay View – Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove
  • Upper Deck – Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove
  • Sanjeevini Restaurant
  • Swiss Café
  • Suprabhatam
  • Malabar Café
  • Devi Garden Restaurant
  • Fusion Restaurant
  • Lonely Planet Restaurant

Accommodation Facilities at Kovalam:

There are numerous hotels and resorts to stay near Kovalam Beach. Indian Holidays have their tie-ups some of the best hotels in Kovalam to suit all budgets, best products, and services. Other facilities include a reputable Ayurvedic spa, restaurants and infinity pools. Kovalam is positioned very close to the beach and offers a host of facilities for the most discerning visitors.

Enjoy Nightlife in Kovalam:

The fascinating town of Kovalam has got some trendy and glamorous nightclubs and bars where you can enjoy the electrifying nightlife. Kovalam mesmerizing air frequently leaves such an impact on the vacationer that the need for a well - tossed beverage arises within. Enjoy nightlife in Kovalam with good music and fantastic cocktails. The most popular places are the Sky Bar in Leela Kempinski, Neera Bar in the Taj, and the Bar.

Best Time to visit Kovalam:

The best time to visit Kovalam along with major attractions is during the winter months from November to February. The temperature is moderate and favorable for sightseeing and beach hopping. 

How to reach Kovalam:

By Air: The Trivandrum International Airport is 14 Km from Kovalam and the nearest one to the beach. The airport connects from many Indian cities and some cities around the world. Cabs and taxis are easily available from the airport to reach Kovalam Beach.
By Road: Kovalam Beach is accommodated on the way to Mahabalipuram down to East Coast Road. Apart from Trivandrum, Kovalam is well linked by other cities viz., Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, and Madurai by the good network of buses. Taxis and Cars can also be rented to reach Kovalam Beach by road.
By Rail: Trivandrum Central Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the city, located at a distance of about 15 Km from Kovalam. Trains from all major cities within the country have access to the Trivandrum Central Railway Station.

Places to visit in Kovalam:

Fondly referred to as ‘grove of coconut trees’, Kovalam was once a calm fishing village, which is now a popular tourist destination. There is no dearth of places to visit in Kovalam. The three palm-fringed crescent-shaped beaches of Kovalam namely Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach, and Hawah beach offer a blissful experience with your loved ones. Some of the famous places to visit in Kovalam are Vellayani Lake, Halcyon Castle, Veli Tourist Village, and Vizhinjam Rock Cut Cave Temple. Other tourist destinations in this beach town are Kovalam Art Gallery, Artificial OffShore Coral Reef, Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, and Vizhinjam Beach. You can explore the breathtaking beauty of this popular place and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Availability of Guides:

Kovalam Beach is a destination that entices not only the local tourists but tourists from all over the globe. Tourists are treated here with the utmost respect in the land highlighting the culture. With the Kerala travel guide of the Indian Holiday, you can explore some of the best places and get an opportunity to stay at the exotic hotels in Kovalam to make things easier for you.

Travelers’ Tips before visiting Kovalam:

Here are some travelers’ tips to keep in mind before visiting Kovalam. These are:

  • Firstly, you should be assured that your health is appropriate for the outing and carry the required medicine and a first aid box. If you have any medical prescriptions don’t forget to take it.
  • To avoid any health problems, avoid drinking water from the public pipes or any unhygienic place. The better idea to carry a mineral water bottle with you.
  • It is genuine not to carry enough cash with you. As there are enough ATMs available from which you can withdraw the needed money.
  • There are water sports activities at Kovalam. Adore sea surfing and boat canters with care. Listen carefully to the guidelines about all safety precautions regarding water sports activities.
  • Smoking isn’t permitted on the beach. Hence, do not carry cigarettes.
  • If you are traveling in the summer season don’t forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen lotion with you.
  • Don’t forget your camera for taking splendid pictures of the beach.

Interesting Facts of Kovalam:

Some interesting facts about Kovalam are it is famous for its astounding beaches. The name “Kovalam” means an orchard of coconut trees as it offers an endless sight of coconut trees. It is divided into three beaches by rocks. The fact is that it is one of the most visit tourist points because of adventurous water activities, clean water, festivals and carnivals, and delicious cuisines.

How to Plan Trip to Kovalam:

Indian Holiday offers the meticulously crafted Kovalam tour package which is all about its beaches and exquisite monuments. You can plan your tour with the Indian holiday and click to book customized Kovalam holiday packages and get exciting deals.

Shopping in Kovalam

The vibrant and colorful streets of Kovalam tempt you to shop from this beach town. You can buy local items as souvenirs such as finest spices, home décor items, handicraft and handloom items, and idols made from teakwood and rosewood. You can also buy seashell jewelry, Sarongs, books, and Tibetan handicrafts. Some of the popular shopping places in Alleppey are:

  • Kovalam Beach
  • Joseph and Sons Shop
  • Kovalam Mall

Useful tips for a trip to Kovalam

  • Make sure you will book a houseboat tour in advance as in the peak season there are few chances of getting a reasonable price on the spot.
  • Carry medical kit, prescribed, and essential medicines.
  • Do not forget to carry important documents including tickets, cash, and photo ID proof.
  • Book your accommodation in advance to save yourself from last-minute hassles.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and durable shoes during the sightseeing tour.
  • Cover your head and shoulders while visiting religious places.
  • Try local cuisines and learn about their culture.
  • Respect local culture.