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Markets for Shopping in New Delhi

There are very few tourists who do not consider Shopping in New Delhi when on a tour to Delhi. The Nation's capital is indeed the right place to be for any shopaholic. There are many Markets for Shopping in New Delhi and they are flooded with choiceable items. And what's best is that the shops in these bazaars sell goods that are a specialty of each and every nook and corner of the country.

There are different types of Markets for Shopping in New Delhi. Right from the present day shopping malls to those Markets which existed even before the British came to India, one finds different types of Bazaars in Delhi. A visit to the different Markets for Shopping in Delhi is bound to be a totally different type of experience because each shopping hub has a distinctive feel and ambience.

Shopping in New Delhi is not just about purchasing articles that you like. It definitely amounts to this but there are many more added attractions as well. The thrill and excitement of walking through the lanes and by lanes of the old Markets for Shopping in New Delhi is immense.

It helps you get an insight into the culture of this historical city. Steeped in tradition, these Markets for Shopping in New Delhi capture the essence of the city like no other place. Likewise the more sophisticated shopping malls are an instance of the changes, of the progress made by this developing cosmopolitan city. They reflect contemporary culture.

It is true that in the modern Markets for Shopping in Delhi, buying is a more comfortable experience. An impressive variety of articles are displayed at a fixed price under one roof in these air conditioned malls. However there is a different charm altogether in moving about in the old areas, bargaining endlessly with the shopkeepers unless you feel you have had the best deal, finally settling for a price and then purchasing the goods you like.

India has always been known for its handicrafts like gorgeous golden jewelry, Carpet Weaving, Ivory Carving, Miniature Paintings, Leatherwork, exquisite embroidery, Wood Inlay and others. As you stroll through the Markets for Shopping in New Delhi, you are sure to come across a startling variety of all such items. They make splendid gifts, can be carried back as souvenirs, some serve the purpose of decorating your sweet home and some are simply useful items.

Many Markets for Shopping in Delhi are scattered throughout the city. There are the old places like Chandni Chowk, whole sale markets like Sadar Bazaar, places where one can get foreign goods like Karol Bagh, up market Shopping malls like South Extension and treasure troves of exquisite crafts and cuisine like the Dilli Haat.

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