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  • Entrance Fee:
    Indians: INR Rs 40/-
    Foreigner: Rs 200/-
  • Opening Hour:
    9 AM to 4 PM
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  • LocationZoo Bapa Nagar, New Delhi

  • Opening Hours 9 AM to 4 PM

  • Entrance Fee Indians: INR Rs 40/-
    Foreigner: Rs 200/-

  • Camera Fee 50

Delhi Zoo

The National Zoological Park of Delhi is popularly known as Delhi Zoo. Adjacent to the Purana Qila, Delhi Zoo is located on the southern side of the fort. Although it is an artificial habitat, the animals here are provided with spacious enclosures and other arrangements necessary for their survival in a man-made environment. Spread over an area of 240 acres, it is one of the better laid out zoological parks of the country,

The zoo features quite an amazing range of flora and fauna. Over one thousand varieties of mammals, reptiles and avian species can be seen here. Leopard cat, Indian Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Black Buck, Indian Gazelle and Lion-tailed macaque are some of the commonly found animals here. It also has nearly all varieties of deer spotted in the country. Don’t miss the white tiger from Rewa, the elephant which plays a harmonica and the leopards. The zoo is home to many species now endangered in India. Several species of migratory birds have made this spot their favorite haunting ground. Winter is the time when the winged visitors including, storks, ducks and other species throng the large lake at the entrance of Delhi zoo.

Although battery operated vehicles are available for nominal charges which will take you on a tour around the park, but, you get the best deal when you are on foot. There are arrow signs placed in the park to guide you the direction. There is also a canteen where you can have good food because no eatables are allowed inside the park except drinking water. Although, there are many drinking water counters at various places in the park for convenient of the visitors.

The early hours of opening or late afternoon before the closing are the better times of the day to visit the zoo. Winter undoubtedly is the best season. Hot summer months should be avoided as animals prefer to rest in their hideouts and are not easily seen.

Fast - Facts:

Here are some facts about the Delhi Zoo which would help you to have a quick glance of this popular park in Delhi. Also, this will make it a lot more convenient for you.


Adjacent to the Purana Qila, Delhi Zoo is located on the southern side of the fort.

Built In

The zoo was built in 1957.

Special Feature

The zoo has a library which is a storehouse of information on birds, animals, plants and common species of birds and animals in India.

How to Reach

Delhi Zoo being located in the capital city, can be reached from any corner of the country.

Nearest International Airport: Indira Gandhi International Airport

Nearest Railway Station: Nizamuddin Railway Station

Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat

Nearest Bus Stop: Local buses from various points

Best Time To Visit: Winter undoubtedly is the best season to visit Delhi Zoo.

Nearby Attractions:

The places nearby the Delhi Zoo are some of the most popular tourist spots in Delhi. If you are planning for a visit to this popular park, keep some time for a trip to these unique sites. Rich in historical and cultural significance, these places are a must-see.

Nearby Attractions of Delhi Zoo are Nila Gumbad, Purana Qila, Humayun’s Tomb, Sabz Burz, Nili Chhatri, India Gate, Ashokan Rock Edict, Nizam-ud-din’s Shrine and Khairul Manzil Masjid.

Nila Gumbad

Located near the Delhi Zoo, Nila Gumbad can be best described as Humayun’s architectural legacy.

Purana Qila

Purana Qila is located on the bank of the Yamuna River. A good example of medieval military architecture, the ramparts of the Qila cover a perimeter of nearly 2 kilometers. The imposing walls of the Qila are 18 meters in height.

Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun's senior widow Bega Begum built this magnificent tomb in Delhi in 1565. With high arches and a full double dome, it is one of the most beautiful Mughal monuments.

Sabz Burz

Sabz Burz is one of the many structures which bear Humayun’s architectural legacy.

Nili Chhatri

This Hindu temple in the Yamuna bazar is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Legend has it that the eldest Pandava brother, Yudhisthira established the temple and the Nigambodh Ghat adjacent to it.

India Gate

This 42 mt. high stone-arch of victory was built in 1931 and was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. It stands at the eastern end of Rajpath. It was previously known as the All India War Memorial.

Ashokan Rock Edict

The centuries old Ashokan Rock Edict was discovered in 1966. It is testimony to the fact that Delhi was an important area even during the time of the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka.

Nizam-ud-din's Shrine

It is the shrine of the famous Muslim Sufi and mystic saint, Sheikh Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Chishti. It is located about 2 km. from Humayun's tomb.

Khairul Manzil Masjid

This 16th c mosque is located opposite the Purana Qila and the Delhi Zoo entrance. It was built in 1561 by Maham Anga, the most influential wet nurse of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is considered as one of 'the most auspicious of houses'. This is not all. The places near the Delhi Zoo have some of the finest places to eat and shop.

Sweet Corner, Nathu’s in Sunder Nagar Market, Hotel Oberoi, Flavors of Defence colony, Indian Habitat Center in Lodi Road, Karims at Nizamuddin and legions of roadside food stalls will give a taste of a lip smacking variety of cuisines. Of course, the dishes typical to Delhi are not to be missed.

Sunder Nagar Market for antiques, jewelry, brassware, Connaught Place for jewelry, books, art galleries, leather goods and clothes, Central Cottage Industries Emporia for merchandise and curios, Janpath for clothes and low priced gifts, souvenirs and curios and Palika Bazaar for electronic items are famous shopping spots near the Delhi Zoo.

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