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Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi

Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi is located on Church Road, wedged between Jaipur Column and the Sansad Bhawan. This architectural marvel was designed by Henry Medd and built between 1927 and 1935. The architecture echoes the traits of the Lutyens’ school of architecture, to which he belonged. The style and architecture resembles that of the Free Church in Hampstead Garden Suburb. The church is marked by austere exteriors but magnificent interiors. The outer side of the church is designed with red sandstone roofing. 

The interior of this Anglican Church has deep-set openings which allow the resplendent sunlight to seep through. The Cathedral now belongs to the church of North India. Lord Irwin gifted the silver cross to the church. He also endowed the church with a picture, which is on display at the eastern end of the church. According to popular belief, Lord Irwin is said to have gifted the picture as a symbol of his thanksgiving to the Lord Almighty, when he narrowly escaped an attack made on his train in 1929.

Religious performances on Christmas and Easter are held every year at the Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi. The Capital City Minstrels choir group at the church performs concerts during these religious occasions.

Architecture of Cathedral Church:

Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi was planned by Henry Medd who was famed for his architectural accomplishments. The church resembles the miniature (London’s) St Paul's Cathedral and is inspired from Palladio's Church of Il Redentore in Venice. The cathedral was built between 1927 and 1935. It was built as the centre of Anglican worship. The exterior of the church creates an impression of a birthday cake with a candle placed upon it. Wedged between north of the Jaipur Column and the west of the parliament house Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi attracts devotees in large numbers.

The architecture of Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi is a treat for sore eyes. It was built with course rubble masonry with split red sandstone. It is perfectly designed to beat the heat in summer. The cathedral remains pleasant throughout with the resplendent rays of the Sun seeping through the small openings. A tinted glass window adds to the beauty of the church. The austere exteriors are in perfect contrast with detailed interiors. The interiors replete with dark wooden paneling suggest an English neo-classical style.

Lord Irwin was enamored by the architecture of Cathedral Church of the Redemption in Delhi. The church with its round arches and fascinating domes inspired the admiration of Lord Irwin, the then viceroy, so much so that the church came to be known as the viceroy’s church. Later when the viceroy narrow escaped an attack unleashed to blow up his train in 1929, he gifted a picture and a silver cross to the church as a mark of gratitude to the almighty. Cathedral Church of the Redemption is today a bishopric of the church of Northern India.

Fast - Facts:


Located on the church Road, between Jaipur Column and Sansad Bhawan near Connaught Place.

Built By

Whom: Henry Medd 

When was it was built: It was built between 1927 and 1935

Special Feature: Exterior ordinary, but interior is striking  

Nearby Tourist Attractions:

Rashtrapati Bhawan, India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib and Hanuman Mandir.  

How to Reach:

Tourists can avail of local buses from various spots near Connaught Place (CP), and can also avail of auto-rickshaws and taxis or metro rail.

Nearest Metro Station: Central Secretariat

Nearest Railway Station: New Delhi Railway Station

Open: On all days

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