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  • Entrance Fee:
    Adults:Rs 20/-
    Children: Rs 10/-
    Senior Citizens: Rs 10/-
  • Opening Hour:
    Open All days
    9 AM to 7 PM
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  • LocationSaiyad ul Ajaib,
    Sainik Farm,
    New Delhi

  • Opening Hours Open All days
    9 AM to 7 PM

  • Entrance Fee Adults:Rs 20/-
    Children: Rs 10/-
    Senior Citizens: Rs 10/-

  • Camera Fee N/A

Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses is much more than a mere park. This space is a perfect one to host an array of activities, inviting communal interaction and exploration as well. This project, implemented by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation, was developed to provide a leisure space to the people of the city. Also, there was a craving for a place where people could socialize and unwind. Thus, the Garden of Five Senses came into existence. It truly enhances the ambience and life of the city as well as its people. This place features prominently on the list of tourists coming on a tour of Delhi. Besides, Garden of Five Senses is also a favorite place for the locals.

On your tour of Delhi you could visit the Garden of Five Senses, one of the leading New Delhi Tourist Attractions, which is located on a sprawling land of twenty acres at the village namely Said-Ul-Azaib. This spectacular region in New Delhi is near the Mehrauli heritage area of New Delhi. Soaring birds made of stainless-steel perched on slate-clad pillars greet you inside the park. Situated on natural slope of the place, an expansive plaza attracts you up the spiral path. Across, a herd of elephants, carved in stone, enjoying a water bath, persuades exploration.

This garden is divided into separate regions. On one side of the spiral path lies the Khas Bagh. This garden was built to resemble the Mughal Garden. Slowly-rippling water flows in canals along its length. You will also find fragrant, flowering bushes and trees lined across its paths. The Central axis would lead you to a string of fountains. Quite a few of these fountains are lit up by means of fibreoptic lighting arrangements. At this place, you should ensure to visit the sculpture famous as 'A Fountain Tree".

On the other side of the garden, away from its central part, you would find the shopping and food court. At the Neel Bagh, you can enjoy water-lilies in a pool surrounded by pergols and climbing plants of diverse textures and colors. The Courts of Specimen Plants, Color Gardens and amphitheatre are some other attractions of this park.

Fast - Facts:

The Garden of Five Senses is much more than a park. It is a place abuzz with a range of activities. This is also an ideal place for public interaction as well as exploration. This project was implemented by Delhi Tourism Transportation Development Corporation. The basic concept was to create a leisure-space for people, where they can socialize and unwind.

Certain Fast Facts about the Garden of Five Senses is given below:

Admission fee: There is no entrance fee for the Garden of Five Senses. Entry is free and unrestricted.

Admission Timings: It remains open on all days from sunrise to sunset.

Preferred Timings for visit: 6.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m

How to reach: Delhi is well linked by road, rail and air to all parts of the country. After reaching Delhi, tourists can board buses, rickshaws, autos or even hire a cab to reach Garden of Five Senses. Metro rail may also be availed of for reaching here.

Nearest Railway Station :- Nizamuddin Railway station

Nearest Metro Station :- Central Secretariat

Nearest Airport :- Indira Gandhi International Airport

What to see: The Khas Bagh, Neel Bagh, Food as well as shopping court, Color Gardens, some amazing sculptures, the Specimen Plants’ Courts and the attractive Solar Energy Park.

Time needed for sightseeing: Nearly 1 hour

Photography charges: Nil

Nearby Attractions:

The Garden of Five Senses is one of the famous attractions of Delhi. However, there are quite a few places in its vicinity which are equally worthy of a visit. So, once you have visited the Garden of Five Senses, make sure to drop at these tourist attractions near this place. Some of the destinations that you may include in your itinerary are Khirki Masjid, Lotus Temple, Kalkaji Temple, Chirag Dehlvi's Dargah and Nizamuddin's Shrine.

Khirki Masjid is positioned in the heart of Khirki Village about 2 kms northeast of Qutab Minar. The main characteristic of this mosque is its unique window slits with jalis called khirki. Located on the upper point of the mosque's outer wall, these window openings were preponderantly shaped stone shields. This mosque was built in the late 14th century by Khan-I-Jahan who was Feroz Shah Tughlaq’s prime minister.

In the south of Delhi, the Lotus Temple located at Kalkaji is another place which draws a lot of visitors. Resembling the shape of a half opened Lotus, this temple is built of cement, marble, sand and dolomite. Lotus Temple is open to people of all faiths. This is a perfect place for meditation and finding serenity and tranquility.

Kalkaji Temple, also called by the name of Kalkaji Mandir is a famous temple devoted to Goddess Kalka or Kali. Kali is considered to be one of the incarnations of Devi Durga. This temple draws thousands of devotees every year, especially on the occasion of Navratri. During this nine-day festival, a big fair is arranged here. The place becomes abuzz with the lively commotion of hawkers and boasts of a real carnival like atmosphere. At this temple, giving Goddess Kali a bath with pure milk forms a major part of the rituals.

Some other popular places near the Garden of Five Senses are Chirag Dehlvi's Dargah and Nizamuddin's Shrine. Hence, in addition to the aforesaid places, ensure to pay a visit to these two as well.

So, rush to book yourself for a tour to Delhi and enjoy visiting the nearby attractions to the Garden of Five Senses.

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