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Shopping in Agra

Besides making its mark as a most sought-after tourist destination, Agra is also a heaven for the shopaholics who can't overcome the temptation of splurging on shopping. Once you are through with your sightseeing activities, shopping in Agra is the most favorable alternative. Apart from the various architectural splendors that dot the city, Agra is also equally renowned for its exquisite handicrafts and other art works. So if you have a thing for anything aesthetic or just want to add to your collection of beautifully hand crafted items, then shopping in the Agra is the ideal way to satiate your shopping urge.

Often touted as the shopper's paradise, Agra is a juxtaposition of quaint, bustling markets and contemporary shopping malls. During the Mughal rule, when the lavish Mughal courts were held in Agra, the markets in Agra were frequented by the skilled craftsmen who brought with them their best wares in the hope to get the patronage of the Emperor. Even during those times, people used to experience an inexplicable high while shopping in Agra. The historical documents corroborate the fact that Empress Noor Jahan took a keen interest in opulent and exquisite embroidery and textiles, so much so that she employed a number of female dress makers who were engaged in the task of stitching out impressive and grand robes both for the Emperors as well as the courtiers.

One remarkable fact about Agra shopping is that the items that were once exclusively meant for the royalty are now made available to the discerning customers.

Agra is replete with a number of shops where you can get a number of items that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Agra has gained international repute for its fine marble and leatherwork. You can't resist the temptation shop for some of the good quality leather products that include shoes, bags, belts and more. Shop in Agra for sandal and rose wood items that are found in the craft emporiums and that make for wonderful keepsakes. The rugs and carpets will also captivate your attention. Woven by master craftsmen, these products are inimitable in their quality and the skilled craftsmanship that they exemplify. When you are in Agra, you can't possibly miss out on the scrumptious Mughlai cuisine. The sweets petha and Gazak and the snack called dalmoth warrant special mention.

Bazaars in Agra

Some of the most popular shopping destinations in Agra comprise of the Sadar Bazaar, Kinari Bazaar and the Munro Road. The U.P State Emporium called Gangotri should also not be given a miss while shopping in Agra. If you wish to browse through a good collection of handicrafts, the Shilpagram Crafts Fair is the place you should head to. For souvenirs and keepsakes, the U.P Handlooms and UPICA at Sanjay Place on M.G Road are the best places.

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