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Gardens in Agra

Agra features as not only one of the popular tourist destinations in India but also in the world. Millions of tourists from across the globe come to Agra and visit the numerous tourist spots in and around the city. Apart from the magnificent Gardens, buildings and museums, the Gardens in Agra are also the eternal favorite with the travelers.

Agra is the home to many spectacular parks and gardens. Some of the most famous Agra gardens are the Mehtab Bagh,Shah Jahan Park, Dayal Bagh Gardens, Ram Bagh, Aalsi Bagh, Taj Mahal Garden and the Mughal Gardens. The Taj Mahal Garden is a long stretch of verdant greenery, which can be seen from the main gateway of the Taj Mahal and stretches to the entrance of the burial chambers. The Aalsi Bagh has an appealing romantic connection with its name.

It is believed that the famous Mughal Emperor Akbar spent six days in the garden lying idle or Aalsi to convince his darling to agree to his proposal. The Mughal Gardens in the Agra Fort is another glorious garden. The meaning of Mehtab Bagh is the Moon Lit Garden and the striking reflection of Taj Mahal in its pool is a lovely sight in a full moon night. The Ram Bagh is one of the oldest of the many Mughal gardens of Agra. Some feel the Taj is best viewed on a full moon night, others find it ethereal at dawn while some insist that it is sensuous at sunset. It was built by Babur, the founder of the great Mughal dynasty. Jehangir's wife Nur Jahan made further additions to enhance the exquisiteness of the garden. The Shahjahan Garden is no less striking than the other gardens.

Dayal Bagh Garden, also known as the "garden of the Supreme Lord", is regarded as one of the important Agra gardens. The Dayalbagh Gardens would surely be an appealing place to visit for connoisseurs of art, who would love to appreciate the skilled artisans and marble cutters at work.

One of the famous gardens in Agra is the The Shah Jahan Garden acclaimed to be the most beautiful Mughal garden in India. This is an astonishingly decorated area with a lush green spread. The emerald colored floors of the Shah Jahan Park expands towards the west of the Taj Mahal.

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